My Jeans

A wise Twitter account once told me “A good pair of jeans will feel like they were made just for you.” - that Twitter account was, of course Topman UK…also known as the ruler of all things stylish (I’m sure I am just one below them on the top 100 rulers of style). 

Seriously though Topman are completely right, if you wear good jeans, they will stay with you for years and will learn your shape so every time you put them on, they will fit like a glove. Cheap jeans? No thanks, they bunch up in uncomfortable places, fall apart in no time at all and just look plain nasty. 

Topman do make my favourite jeans - it’s one of those things that growing up I just wore whatever jeans I could get my hands on but since getting into the fashion industry, the Topman Spray on Skinny is my go-to jean and definitely a staple in my wardrobe. They are the only jeans you’ll be able to find in my wardrobe, simply because I don’t even bother trying on other brands - it’s definitely one of those things where they are comfortable to me, so why would I want to move away to a different brand that isn't familiar or anywhere near as comfortable to rock. Here’s just a couple of the different style choices that Topman are offering right now.

Tear It Up…

Bleach Wash Ripped Spray On Jeans

Give your casual look a more rugged edge with these blue spray on skinny jeans that have been through a unique bleach wash process to achieve the more vintage look with added ripped detailing. Bag a quality pair of jeans at £40/$75!!

These are awesome, the ripped jean look comes in and out of fashion, it’s currently hot so why not rock it? These are a really great price too, quality jeans for £40/$75 and the ultimate way to create a super chilled look

Smarten It Up…

Navy Tux Stripe Spray On Skinny Fit Jeans

The best option for tight fitting denim, spray on jeans sit low on the waist with a short rise and are a skin tight fit on the waist, thigh and leg. These are perfect for a smart-casual night out, being just the right amount of both. Costs £40/$75

For a night on the town or a party where the dress code demands smart-casual, these tux-stripe jeans are the perfect option at £40/$75 - the navy colour with black tux stripe makes these a smart yet super comfortable style choice that you definitely wont regret!

The great thing about the Topman website is the fact they can help you pick the right jeans for you - on some of the products you’ll see a blue button that says ‘Try it On’ this is a fit advisor that tells you the best fit for you based on your height, weight and age. When I enter all of these in they recommend I try a 32R - I am crazy impressed with this feature, it is a great way of learning your size and trying on products that will be the best fit for you! 

What's your go-to brand? Let me know in the comments below!