Awesome New Hair Thing!

Okay, so I promised a new blog post which, on the most part would mean you’re getting one - however if you’ve been following me for a while you will know how amazingly good I am at procrastinating…like Peter Andre would all it Insania….

Recently I got contacted by Lauren from - she asked if I wanted to review a new hair product they have in stock that is set to change everything…not even being dramatic, it is awesome. 

Liquifflex is a new product made by men-u that is going to change how you style your hair forever. I don’t know about you BUT for me the most annoying thing when styling my hair, especially in a rush, is having to take the time to wash the goop (if that is actually a word…) off of my hands! 

The way Liquifflex works is utterly baffling to me, I don’t claim to be scientific so I will just put it on magic. Dumbledore is the sole reason this works. Once you have squeezed out one pump from the bottle, you rub the cream into your hands, suddenly it turns to more of a liquid and that is when you apply it to your hair.

This is where it really gets wild. Once you’ve rubbed it in your hair and styled your hair how you want it, take your hands away and you’ll realise your hands are one dry, there’s no product or sticky ‘goop’ left on your hands and you therefore don’t need to wash them!

I have used this numerous times and still have absolutely zero clue how it works so well. The hold is really good and it is a medium shine finish, personally I think it is quite a low shine which works for me because I don’t like looking like there is a tonne of PVA glue holding my hair in place. 

A 100ml bottle of men-u Liquifflex is £13.95 and available to buy on Mankind today, click here to be taken to the product page. Whilst you’re there have a good old browse of the website, personally I love it because it’s full of things you wouldn't be able to pick up in a drugstore. 

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