London Fundom

This weekend I headed to London….and so it seems, half of the USA did, too. I was meant to have a cool PR meeting to do with this very website however it sadly got cancelled, don't you worry when a boy from The Shire is in the city, he knows how to have a good time. This blog post is sort of just a general chat, how I got around, where I stayed and what I recommend you go and have a look at if you’re in the city any time soon! FYI I am writing this on the train, let’s excuse any spelling errors or nonsensical chatter…just for today!


To and from London I travelled with Virgin Trains East Coast in First Class, they’re really efficient and super fast trains - I know a lot of people used to complain about East Coast trains before Virgin took over but they are really good now. In First Class I got free food and drinks as well…literally unlimited cake which if you know me, you’ll know is super exciting. The only niggle that I have with them and I do find quite annoying as a super famous internet extraordinaire (truths) is the fact that you get free wifi….for 15 minutes?! I practically live online so the fact you only have 15 mins to do everything you need to do, I find a little stingy, BUT, like I say, can't fault anything else! To book, click here!


Strand Palace Hotel | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The hotel I stayed in is really central to everything and I would 100% recommend it - it is the Strand Palace Hotel, a four star stylish hotel. You’ll find it on The Strand and it’s actually really quite reasonable, especially considering it’s got the world-famous Savoy as competition right across the road. With a choice of two quality restaurants and two fashionable bars, if you’re tired after a long day exploring, you don't even need to leave the hotel! The staff are really attentive, all extremely helpful and obliging - you’ve got Covent Garden just a short stroll away and if you’re headed to London for a show, again this hotel will be a perfect fit. Visit their website here.

See & Do

Visit London | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

There’s obviously a million and one things to see and do when you’re in London, if you get really good weather I would absolutely recommend checking out Hyde Park or St James’ Park - both huge sprawling lush green parks complete with beautiful lakes and perfect on a warm sunny day to just sit and watch the world go by (and rest your poor tired legs!) - you can also take out boats on the Serpentine in Hyde Park and be all romantic! 

Oxford Street is great for shopping but whenever you go there, it’s going to be busy because it is such a popular area for tourists. I think one of my favourite shopping areas is Covent Garden, it’s so cultural and just a really pleasant place, there’s loads of little stalls and places to eat, you could spend hours just mooching around Covent Garden and its boutique-style stores. 

If you just fancy a walk, follow your legs, there’s always something to look at in London, I personally really enjoy walking down the Victoria Embankment, you get to see all of the world-famous landmarks along the way such as Big Ben and The London Eye and also some very new ones including The Shard and The Cheesegrater (Google it) plus, if you’re an ultra fashionista you can also take a stroll past Somerset House, the former home of the much loved London Fashion Week.

Like I say there is always something to see and do in London, if you fancy a not-so-far-away city break, heck, explore the city that leads this great country, I bet you’ll find something you’ve never seen before!! Headed to London soon or beed there recently? Let me know what you got up to!