Manly Must Haves

Your face gives everyone a first impression of you, thus, you NEED to look after it.  Theres a real cool online store called Regal Gentleman, it’s basically full of top quality manly must haves - without them, you’re far from Regal. They sent me over a few bits from brands that they stock for me to try out. 

All of the products are from a brand called Taylor of Old Bond Street and they are from their ‘Jermyn Street Collection’ - I have to say this isn't a brand I have every heard of before BUT they are actually really great and you also get a lot of product for your buck!

First up we have the Luxury Pre Shave Gel - this is a gel you put on right before your shave cream/gel and just stops razor burn and any catching or snags. This is quite a small tube but from what I gather you really don’t need to put much on so it should last you a good while. I have to say I don’t generally suffer from catching or razor burn at all so this isn't a product I’ll get much use out of BUT it’s pretty good for you boys out there that have snaggy faces. You can get this product for £15.95click here to check it out!

Naturally moving through the shave process, we have the Shaving Cream, it’s a 150g pot of it and I have to say I haven't EVER seen such a huge tub…this will literally last ages. It seems to work pretty well, leaving me with a smooth face afterwards. Just a side note actually, all of these products I'm reviewing are for sensitive skin, I have super combination skin - my T-Zone can get quite oily after a day out and about but I get quite a lot of dry skin around my chin and cheeks, it’s quite a bit of effort to keep it under wraps so if you have the same kind of skin as me then I’d guess these would work great for you too! This is priced pretty well at £10.95 - click here to shop the range.

Finally, after ridding your face of hair, you will OBVIOUSLY want it to smell nice and make it soft. The Luxury Aftershave Cream will do just that, what a coincidence! From what I can tell all of the products smell the same BUT this alcohol free aftershave cream is really great at moisturising, you really don't need to use much at all as it is a really moisturising cream and you don't want a shiny face for the rest of the day! You can get this for £13.70 click here to have a little gander!

Overall I am really impressed with the products, I also think that the Regal Gentleman website is really great, it’s actually quite unique selling all these top of the range products. I’d definitely check them out if I were you! On another note…the HUGE 1st year Giveaway is almost here - the dudes over at Regal Gentleman have sent over 2 really cool Bluebeards Revenge products that I know you (or the man if your life) will love! 

What do you think? What products are you all over at the minute? Leave a comment below (thats new…showoff!) OR as usual you can drop me a Tweet click here to follow me!