Suit your Size

I’m going to guess you didn't know that in a recent Jacamo survey, 40% of British lads suffer from ‘manxiety’ due to their friends teasing them about their body image and a further 34% of men say that this is added to by not being able to find decent fitting clothes. Well chaps you aren't alone, after winning PEOPLE Magazine’s sexiest man alive, mr mancrush himself - David Beckham admitted ‘I never feel that I’m an attractive person’.

Fear not, don't try and shed that dad bod because I’ve teamed up with Jacamo to help you get that confidence back and find the perfect suit, dapper is a mere scroll away (cue scroll down & dramatic music).

Extremely northern cricketer Freddie Flintoff and extremely posh comedian Jack Whitehall went on a date (it’s definitely a date) to chat about their manxieties, including Jack’s big nipples…you’re very welcome. 

Finding a suit can be bloody hard to say the least, generally I would recommend the following suits for different body types:

Tall chaps

Jacamo #Ladmiration | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

Avoid anything oversized, slim is definitely a good bet - a skinny tie will elongate your body, try a slightly thicker one. Checks are great if you’re taller, like this Williams & Brown London suit

Shorter guys

Jacamo #Ladmiration | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

You definitely want to avoid a suit that’s too big, if your jacket is too long in the body it looks like you’ve borrowed it from someone else - show a bit of cuff to make your arms look longer. If you're shorter there’s no harm in a bit of colour - this Limehaus suit is a perfect example! 

Larger lads

Jacamo #Ladmiration | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

Being heavier isn’t a way out of looking dapper. Wear a simple plain shirt and keep your jacket buttoned until you sit down, a good black suit will definitely boost your body confidence. This Williams & Brown London suit will be great for all occasions! 

Muscle gods

Jacamo Ladmiration | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

There’s nothing worse than a muscular guy in an ill-fitting suit. You might want to show off your gains but a regular or tailored fit suit will be best, got for a peaked lapel rather than rounded and make sure it’s in a standard black or navy - just like this Racing Green suit.

We’re all made different and there’s nothing wrong with that. Next time you’re out with the boys, show a bit of #Ladmiration and tell your mates they’re looking smart…it’s really not a bad thing!