Steal His Style: Mario Falcone Part 2

This right here has been the all time most requested blog post in the history of my blog. Since teaching you how to steal Mario Falcone’s style a few weeks back, all I have had is Tweets & DM’s to do another, so here it is. 

Mario Falcone | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Style Blogger

Whilst this isn't a super recent picture, I purposely picked it because I personally really like the style in it and think it is on trend and would be perfect for the current weather we’re lucky enough to have in the UK, the ultra-chilled look is great for mooching around town or heading out for a casual lunch! 

When it comes to the T shirt, you can either wear a mesh style tee or chuck on a plain tee with a mesh one over the top, really and truly the choice is yours, this is just a casual daytime look so you can wear as much or as little as you want…just make sure you wear something…don’t go telling the cops that The Squire told you to go out naked because I will NOT be paying your bail!

If you’ve been living under a rock or in the depths of a forest, you’ll be unaware that ripped jeans are something people *actually* pay for and whilst there is the option of taking scissor to denim, it’s much easier to head to the high street to buy some distressed jeans (they’ll be crying your name😏).

Depending on your budget there is a couple of options, the first one is the £40 Bleach Wash Ripped Spray On Jeans from Topman - you know how much of a fan I am of Topman denim, it’s really fantastic quality. Mario is often seen in the spray on style jean so complete with rips, these make a fantastic option!

Or, these New Look Blue Ripped Knee Skinnies for less than £20 - they’re great for completing a ‘throw on’ look whilst not being so ripped that you’ve constantly trying to cover up with the nearest cushion. Plus the price tag means you can go and buy more stuff for your money!

A fresh pair of trainers are so damn important. Your whole outfit might be crazy on point BUT if you cant even wear a nice pair of sneakers then I'm afraid you’re in deep style trouble buddy! I am a fan of Zee & Co’s fantastic array of different sneakers, the Adidas Black Gazelle OG Sneakers always stand out to me, the black suede looks so awesome offset against the white sole, definitely a really great looking sneaker, plus you get what you pay for with them, at £67 you’re going to get quality!

So there you have it, you asked and I answered - I reckon teaming this with a snapback style hat is a great option, not only for avoiding the paps (story of my life…) but also to keep that sun off your face, no one wants to arrive to lunch looking like a lobster! Let me know what you think in the comments below guys!