In This Month’s…Men’s Fitness

Welcome to a brand new segment!! As you know I struck up a deal with and they kindly hit me up with a few 12 month magazine subscriptions…how kind are they?! Each month I get these mags so I thought ‘Heck, Sam what a fantastic opportunity to write about, create more blog content and NEVER run out of ideas’ so, in today’s blog post I’ll be telling you three things you’ll find in Men’s Fitness the Summer Edition. 


Mens Fitness Magazine | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Fear not, oh young ones. I am, of course talking about the UK/World’s most daring telly adventure man, Bear Grylls is the star of this edition. He is obviously ridiculously fit and just to make you feel better, he’s just turned 40…I intend on having a stairlift installed on my final days of being 39. Bear talks all about his active lifestyle, he also shows you how to strip your workout right back to basics and explains why you should ‘never go easy’ *ahem*. 



If you couldn't tell from this rather subtle section title, you get a free sample of MultiPower 100% Pure Whey Protein - mine is the Rich Chocolate flavour. I am actually yet to try this but since I have upped my workout regime to every night (apart from tonight, I have man-flu…feel my pain!) I may give it a go and see if I feel any benefits at all! I personally love getting a magazine freebie…even if it is a little 15g packet!


Money can be tight, Men’s Fitness give you 50 of the best UK Adventures for you to do this summer to get you active and to help you explore our marvellous country. The list includes running the Giants Causeway, wild swimming in the Falls of Falloch and cycling the Three Peaks…perhaps before you head out, do a little bit of training!! Seriously, though - they show that there is so much to do without having to leave home…give it a go!

Have you picked up your copy of Men’s Fitness? It’s always full of fantastic tips, tricks and expert advice to help you become a better, healthier and happier man, I’d say it’s well worth a read!