The Mirrored Lens

I’m currently sat in 30 degree heat on the veranda of our Portuguese Villa wondering if life could actually get any better. Not a single cloud in the sky, a gentle breeze keeping me cool and more food than you could even imagine. I’m pretty sure I’ve hit peak life right here!

Before heading out here I thought it was time to invest in some new sunglasses, I tend to add to my sprawling collection once a year to keep them fresh ready for my annual summer trip - in the past I have headed to a high street opticians to pick some designer frames, but this year I ended up heading digital.

I love mirrored lenses and I have a couple of pairs in my collection, however annoyingly no high street opticians do mirrored lenses, I'm guessing it’s maybe demand or cost, but it means that you end up with the same dark lenses in each pair. I headed to Google to check out where I could get some prescription mirrored sunnies and a website called EyeBuyDirect came up.


The minute I hit their site I was sold, their frame choice is right up my street and the mirrored lenses weren't a problem at all. They have a huge collection of over 1000 styles and their prices start at $6 which for the quality, is incredible. They’re from America but ship worldwide, including to the UK at a very reasonable cost and mine arrived within a week, which is quicker that most opticians.

The sunnies I picked were the Prism clear frames, this is a collaborative frame between EyeBuyDirect and RFLKT - I paid $131 for these frames and this included the special mirrored lenses with my prescription in, anti-glare coating, UV coating and the lenses thinned down to an impressive 1.6.

They’re really light and comfortable glasses, and so far I have been really impressed with them. As I mentioned previously they arrived really fast, and the lenses are crystal-clear. I’ll definitely be placing another order with EyeBuyDirect when I get back from my holiday, at such a low cost, it’s worth adding to the collection of specs I have at my fingertips! You can check out EyeBuyDirect here.