A Fashionable Misfit

Fitness bands are pretty popular right now and are almost becoming a staple in every fitness enthusiasts style. Finding the right one can be super difficult. Misfit Wearables got in touch to see if I wanted to feature them - they send through both of their wearable trackers…I was only expecting one! Just a side note to say that this post IS NOT sponsored but the items, like most of the products I review, were sent to me as a gift…I know how het up sponsored posts can make some people.

Misfit Shine:

Misfit shine

The Shine is the higher end, metal tracker. It perfectly tracks different activities thanks to the super easy to use app that Misfit have developed. There’s no buttons, screens or ports, this is a smooth pebble-like device that snaps into a wristband, or clip that are supplied and also has plenty of high end pendants, leather watch straps and more awesome additions available. It is available in 10 colours and can be bought from Currys for £69.99. I personally would recommend this monitor for someone who does different types of exercise - so if you’re at the gym it’s great for swapping between different workouts and thanks to the sealed design, you can go swimming in it without a hitch. One of the biggest factors for me is the fact that it connects to any device through bluetooth AND never needs charging thanks to it simply taking a watch battery. This definitely gets a 9/10!

Misfit Flash:

Misfit flash

The baby sibling of the Shine, this plastic-constructed monitor does all it’s older brother does and uses the same connectivity but just cheaper. The plastic construction feels fine, non-brittle and actually good quality. Again, thanks to the sealed design Misfit have well and truly mastered, this can be submerged in water, perfect for swimmers or even just having an post-workout shower! 7 bright colours make this perfect for all of the bright gym gear that is currently on trend, Misfit have definitely helped to make Fitness & Sleep trackers fashionable plus the Flash boast a really stonking 6 month battery life…that, my friends was the sound of Samsung wincing…plus it does all of this for just £39.99!

Misfit says both of these trackers are perfect for Running, Walking, Swimming, Tennis, Cycling, Basketball and Soccer and tracks calories burned, distance travelled, steps taken and your sleep quality and duration…pretty impressive for such a tiny token-size bit of tech!

I'd definitely give it a go if I were you, I don't promote just anything and I genuinely feel that the quality and style of these products will make them a perfect addition to your daily fitness regime. 

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