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ax paris watch

I am a huge fan of watches, over the years I have collected many, I just love a nice watch. Last weekend I popped to my local H.Samuels because it was time for a new watch - they literally had SO many bootful watches and the lovely lady that served me was massively patient and helped indecisive old me decide on the final watch. It's the Armani Exchange Men's Grey Ion Plated Bracelet Watch - it's simply beautiful with a gunmetal gret exterior and rose gold inteior it glistens in the sun. I paid £195 for this one - I am literally in love with it, it is comfortable, looks good and is the perfect addition to my watch collection!

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After buying last weekend, I found my feet had accidentally dragged me into H.Samuels again yesterday, and there I was, nose-to-glass with the AX watches again! Luke and GG served me this time and I got a slightly bigger faced watch Armani Exchange Smart Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - this cost me £125, personally I think it was a really good price. I don't have a silver watch in my collection yet so having this one makes my collection a little different! Also, the blue face is super nice, it's a really different looking watch and I am happy to add it to my collection!

How beautiful...you can check it out and buy it online or in your local H.Samuels Click Here

H.Samuels is my new fave jewellers - the staff at their Lincoln branch are SO friendly and I have to say, buying a watch from them was a pleasure, they also really helped me decide what to buy, top notch service. Just to confirm, I am not affiliated, sponsored or in a deal with H.Samuels, these are just my genuine opinions!