Nuband Activ+ Review

Sluggish, Lazy and ‘Excuse me but what does exercise mean?’ are three very apt ways of describing me and probably a lot of other people too! It’s (unfortunately) time to get off your couch and do something, get fit and feel healthy because, after all it is FebFit!

The kind folks at Nuband offered to send me one of their products to try and actually sent me two things, one was a bonus and you can read about it in the next post. The Nuband Activ+ is a fitness and sleep tracker and does the job perfectly without making your bank account cry. It is available in three colours, mine came in black (like my soul…) 

Nuband claim their Activ+ tracker has the following features:

‘Sports Monitor, Sports Reminder, Smart Alarm, Sleep Tracker, Bluetooth, Clock’

To be fair it does all of that and does it really well! Like a typical man I didn't bother reading the instructions so when I went to bed I woke up in the morning and it hadn't tracked my sleep, derp! Luckily I worked it out and it tracks it pretty well (note, NEVER do it on a Sunday night as it kindly reminded me on Monday morning how badly I had slept!) 

The great thing is that this is compatible with both iOS and Android so you don't need to worry about it not working (unless you’re one of those sickly ‘Windows Phone’ types…). A feature I find quite funny is the reminder…when it thinks you’re being inactive it'll casually remind you that you haven’t done any exercise in a while and that life is slipping away (obviously it doesn't say that but imagine if it did!) 

The band is rechargeable and is therefore only shower proof so swimming or dunking aren't recommended at all, it’s extremely comfortable to wear and super lightweight and you can easily forget that it is there! Moving on to the battery they state on their website that the battery lasts 5-7 days. This is pretty fair to be honest, I have been using it for maybe a little over a week and it’s still got 2 out of the three battery bars, much better than other fitness trackers such as anything made by Garmin (reviews look to be pretty poor!).

Overall I am super impressed, I'm the sort of person that feels healthier just wearing it, like carrying an apple in your bag but never eating it…just more useful!

I have found myself checking it loads to see how I'm doing to reaching my target which I never really expected to happen.

Ooooh I forgot to mention the price, it’s available in Argos for just £29.99!!! Basically it does everything its competitors do but for a price around three times lower in price, you really cant say fairer than that.

Check out their website for more information!