Nusound Acoustics Review

If my last blog post didn't get you feeling fit and healthy then it’s probably because it was lacking motivational music. Well if this post doesn't get you jumping up off the sofa and running round the room then, simply, you are the laziest person to roam the earth. Even I’m not sat down whilst writing this, I am of course on a treadmill…also known as a sofa. 

I mentioned that Nuband sent me a surprise gift that I wasn't expecting to receive at all. It would appear that they have another brand called Nusound Acoustics that make nifty speakers that pack one heck of a punch. 

Nusound acoustics

The wireless portable cube speaker has become something of a novelty among family and friends. Pushing down on the top of the speaker lifts up the housing and a little ‘bloop’ (they literally call it that in the manual. Amazing) lets you know that it is up and running. Everyone is currently loving this and to be honest it has been well and truly tested to the max.

It’s so easy to set up and works with iOS, Android and can be connected via headphone jack as well as bluetooth and USB (to a computer). It is super multi-functional, use it for watching movies on your iPad, for making conference calls on your phone and really be the office showoff. Everyone loves a ‘bloop’.

The sound quality is phenomenal - the bass levels are awesome and this little box packs some serious volume! Personally I will absolutely be taking this on summer vacation this year and well and truly annoying anyone near the villa, but seriously, it is the perfect travel size and it isn't like those tinny little speakers you use to buy and put your iPod shuffle in the cradle when you wanted to crack open a J2O (obviously pretending it was alcohol like every other kid), kick off your jelly shoes and ‘aavvvve it! Aside from reliving my childhood, these are great for taking anywhere - if you’ve got a gym in your house/complex then it’s great to have in the corner and get some motivational tunes pumping whilst you slowly die a sweaty death on a treadmill. 

Needless to say I definitely want to get my paws on some of their headphones!

The Wireless Portable Speaker from Nusound Acoustics is £49.99 and is well worth the money - to check it out and buy it, click here! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @ImSamSquire