Nutribullet Pro 900 Series

The company involved in this blog post probably need zero introduction because, unless you’ve been living under a rock in 2015 then you’ll have for sure heard of them. Nutribullet hit me up a few weeks back and asked if I wanted to try and review their top of the range Pro 900 series. 

The pro is a 15-piece kit and includes everything you need to live a healthy and happy life, to be honest just looking at it makes me feel healthier! It includes: 1 x High torque power base, 2 x Extractor blades, 1 x Oversized cup, 2 x Tall cups, 1 x Short cup, 1 x Handled lip ring, 1 x Regular lip ring, 1 x Flip-top to-go lid, 2 x Stay fresh resealable lids, 1 x User manual and Recipe Book (this is 1 item), 1 x Pocket Nutritionist book, 1 x BONUS Life Changing Recipes hardback book.

Basically it includes a whole load of stuff! The quality is absolutely fantastic, the high torque base for example is made from metal and is really heavy! It definitely looks like an awesome bit of space-age tech on your kitchen counter but isn't so big that it takes up all of your work surface, it’s definitely the sort of daily appliance that you can leave out without it getting completely in the way. 

I haven't personally used all of the different cups, mainly because I tried the Short Cup and found that it held the right amount of juice for me, I’d have thought to use the bigger ones it’d take me all day to drink it. 

I do think it is a really awesome piece of kit, you can literally put any kind of fruit, greens, seeds and nuts in it and it’ll whizz them down to nothing, the first time using it I screwed up a little - I used sunflower seeds in the mixture and found that I hadn't blasted it for long enough and so it was really gritty and not great, I also personally thought the sunflower seeds flavour was way too over powering and tasted bad. 

Here’s a recipe I did today and it tastes super good.

Using the Short Cup add:

1 handful raspberries

4 strawberries (halved)

1 handful blueberries

Fill to the MAX line with Copella Apple & Raspberry juice & mix. 

That’s my kind of juice, simple just chuck it all in first thing in the morning and you’re good to go! Overall I’d give the Nutribullet 10/10 - it’s easy to use, does the job in under 1 minute and makes for a fantastic addition to your kitchen. I am personally really impressed with it, it is the sort of thing I use, you can’t beat fresh juice can you?

The Nutribullet Pro 900 Series retails at £149.99 and is available with Next Day Delivery when bought direct from their website…here!

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