Peaches and Jeans

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I have been loving the whole side stripe trend this summer, it adds such a cool additional depth to a look and I am definitely hoping it is carried forward into the next few seasons! With this look, I was spending a day mooching around the city and wanted to feel comfortable and cool, it was a pretty warm day so full casual was a necessity!

ASOS Menswear | Side Stripe Shorts | Sam Squire UK Men's Fashion Blog

My shorts are from ASOS and are the Indigo Skinny Shorts - I would say that I would call them blue, I always think indigo denim has more purple tones which these don't really, I guess they are more of a navy. I love these shorts, they are a really nice fit if you like a skinny short, I only have one big con and that is the colour bleed. Even after being washed they still shed tonnes of colour onto my white (now blue…) boxers, so you might want to give them a few washes to get some of the excess dye out first. These are currently on sale with ASOS for £15 which is a total bargain! You can check them out here.

ASOS Menswear | New Love Club Peaches Tee | Sam Squire UK mens Fashion Blog

Next up is my tee, which is an epic conversation starter. I think most people I came across asked why I have a tonne of arses on the back of my t-shirt, some avid emoji users recognised them as peaches, however to me it’s just funny the debates that are had over it. This tee is by New Love Club, a brand I absolutely love as they’re not afraid to do something a little different with their print. Their clothing is always good quality and as a massive fan of back-print tees, this one was perfect for me. Again this is currently on sale with ASOS for a bargain £16. Click here to check it out, if you’re not a fan of this one in particular, I would definitely urge you to check out their other tees, vests and hoodies as they have some really cool designs.

I finished the look with my red Nikes. I have had these probably knocking on 5 years, but they are so comfortable and still in incredible condition so I have no desire to get rid just yet. I’m not actually sure as Nike still make these, however, I have drilled down a search on red Nikes and you can click here to see the results!