Awesome for Autumn

So one of my favourite blog series that I do is my Vision Express one. I am super lucky to have a great working relationship with them and some of the ideas for new content we have are pretty cool, I definitely can’t wait to show you them.

Persol Sunglasses | Vision Express | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

When I was with them picking my latest range of glasses at their Oxford Street store, I pretty much felt ace in this Persol pair. They’re donned by celebs such as Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom and George Clooney, a group that I am sure you’ll agree that I fall in to…

When I’m not being a Hollywood movie star, I am donning my shades and heading to different places in the UK…even though it’s Autumn, it’s still time to don a good pair of sunnies. The sun is lower and brighter and is on a mission to blind you as you drive, sunglasses are so important for protecting your peepers. 

Persol Sunglasses | Vision Express | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

For me, Vision Express is definitely the place I would go to if I was after a pair of sunglasses. Not only do they have a ridiculously large range to choose from, their staff are also extremely knowledgeable - if you’re after prescription or non-prescription sunnies, they will help you find the pair that best fits your face, personality and needs…all with a smile! 

These Persol ones weren't ones I initially saw myself in, Laura advised I try them on and I instantaneously wanted them - they’re extremely stylish and the quality is absolutely fantastic, they’re available right here for £210 and standard sun lenses start at £59 or £99 for polarised.