Let’s Talk About Kecks

Today we’re going to chat about kecks, undercrackers, pants, boxers...heck whatever you want to call them! It’s almost the weekend and lets face it guys, some of you probably plan on spending your weekend on the sofa in your boxers…we’ve all been there, bro! 

Drake & Hutch mens underwear | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion Blogger

I want to introduce a brand I came across fairly recently, they’re called Drake & Hutch (no, they aren't a posh solicitors) they actually make a range of pretty awesome pants that are sure to set you apart from the crowd! 

They’re recently launched a range of tailored boxers, yes you read that right (and no, they don’t have a pleat down the front) - what makes them tailored I hear you ask...this specially created pattern makes sure that all areas are covered and comfortably supported, meaning they wont get all bunched up! They've spent the past 2 years working with Jermyn Street tailors to create some pretty unique designs for their artisan collection. 

Drake & Hutch mens underwear | Sam Squire uk male fashion blogger

The material is prima cotton, they’re soft and the specially developed microfibre waistband means no scratchy or uncomfortable bands. Sounds pretty good, right? And I haven’t even told you the best part yet. The inside is screen printed by hand with some unique and awesome patterns so no matter what you’re wearing on the outside, inside you’re pretty bloody funky. 

Drake & Hutch boxers | Sam Squire uk male fashion blogger

This isn't just another pair of Calvins to chuck in the drawer, these are quality well thought out boxer briefs. Created with comfort, quality and fine tailoring in mind you’re sure to find a brand you’ll quickly become obsessed with. Drake & Hutch have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that you should definitely support, I am all for supporting artisan brands that focus on providing something new - you can click here to head to their Kickstarter and pledge a little money to help them on the road to success! I am looking forward to collaborating more with Drake & Hutch, definitely watch out for this brand!