Fashionable Tech : PULS

As possibly THE best dressed man in the world along with being a top music producer, and KING of the metaphors, has set out to create something that none really expected and it’s called PULS. For my American readers - you can apply to be a part of the movement with PULS because this super cool clan is by invitation only - let’s face it, we ALL want an invite from Will! And for you Blighty dwellers, PULS will be coming to O2…soon (no date released yet).

Now onto what the PULS is, you’ve seen the smart watch (ppft they were like soo 2014) - this right here is a smart cuff - it took a team of pretty ‘dope’ engineers 2 and a half years to create - unlike loads of other smart watches, this actually has a speaker built in to the cuff, plus Wi-Fi, 3G 1gb of RAM and 16GB of internal storage AND voice control. This cuff is literally in tech form - the OS is built from Android BUT they claim it is made specifically for wearable tech, which is a pretty awesome way of building and allows you to access emails, messages and a plethora of Social media sites! It also comes with this super Apple-esque introduction video! 

Basically this is more than just a smart watch - Will has compiled everything you ever need in life (except food, water and sleep…what is he playing at?!) into a band that learns from you, adapts and will make your like a million times easier!

In more wearable tech news, just the other day he announced his partnership with Gucci on a new iam+ Gucci smart watch…is there anything Will CAN’T do? What do you reckon people? Will you be buying the PULS? Let me know belowwwwww 😄