Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses Review

It has been a hot minute since I last posted here. If you follow me on socials then you’ll know that I’ve been busy moving jobs AND moving house...I don’t do things by halves! Anyway, my life is pretty on track and I’m back with loads of new content! 

You’ll know from previous posts and pictures that I’m a glasses wearer, in fact I am pretty bloody useless without them...borderline dangerous! For years I just wanted to be able to wear sunglasses that looked normal, I’d get Ray-Ban frames, but have to have tinted lenses put in, rather than the originals with the Ray-Ban etching.

That was until I noticed that Ray-Ban now produce their own prescription lenses. Honestly it has changed my life! I decided to pick up some new sunnies as I’ve been in dire need for a while. I went for my favourite style of frame, the Clubmaster (RB3716). These ones actually have a metal frame, rather than the traditional plastic, which I actually think looks a lot better and the quality feels loads better, too! 

The best part about these? They come with exactly the same lens finish as the non-prescription originals! Mine have the silver flash lenses, which I think look good offset against the tortoiseshell. Most of their sunglasses and eyeglasses can be customised to being prescription, their lenses are a really nice quality and come complete with the Ray-Ban etching, which is great as it doesn’t detract from the quality of the brand! 

Ray Ban Prescription Glasses | Sam Squire UK Male blogger

A slight downside, I have a medium strength prescription, I’m not a total mole but without my glasses I’m useless. That does mean that the lenses came quite thick, I did ask for them to be thinned down but my guess is that they maybe can’t thin lenses down as much as an optician would be able to. 

Ordering them was really easy, you literally place the order online after picking your frame and lenses, then you’ll get an email asking to provide a photograph or scanned copy of your prescription and they’ll go ahead and place the order. It’s simple!

They aren’t cheap, as you’d expect! That’s one annoying part - the frames aren’t too deer, but adding prescription lenses can bump the price up. Mine should have cost £346, however I found a corker of a discount code which gave me an £89 saving. Click here to check out the Ray Ban range! 

I absolutely want to get some more frames from Ray-Ban now I know they can make them bespoke, however as highlighted above...they aren’t cheap and apparently moving house was quite expensive (*sweats profusely*) so I might have to wait a little longer!