The Ultimate Magazine Subscription


To celebrate Father’s Day, I’ve teamed up with the ultimate magazine subscription service Readly to give my dad the gift of over 2,700 mags!

I don't know about you guys but my dad might be one of the hardest people to buy for. He has everything he wants and there’s only so many times gift vouchers and t-shirts will suffice before it’s time to look for something else.

My dad is a big fan of reading, he’s also a huge car fanatic and even with over 40 years in the motor industry under his belt, he never tires when it comes to reading about new car launches and technical reviews. Readly has a huge amount of motoring magazines including top titles such as Autocar, Octane, TopGear and literally hundreds more which made it a great gift option for my dad. When you’ve subscribed to Readly, you have access to all of their titles, you don't have to subscribe to each individual magazine which can get pretty costly! You pay a flat fee of £7.99 a month and you’ll have access to as many magazines as you want.

The guys over at Readly hooked my dad and I up with subscriptions to their service. What I love about it is you can go back and read previous issues you may have missed…it’s always annoying when you’ve missed an issue and it’s no longer on the newsstand! I love the flexibility of the platform, it automatically bookmarks where you’ve been reading so when you open the app and tap the magazine, it’ll take you straight back to where you left off.  

Readly is a great cross-device app, it’s available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire which caters for a massive audience. My dad prefers reading the magazines on his iPad as it makes it easier to read and see pictures. I, however, prefer to catch up with my selection of magazines on my phone, it means I can do it on the go and hop in and out when I have a spare 10 minutes to put my feet up.

So far my dad absolutely loves the app and keeps asking me if he has to pay more to read different magazines. He loves the flexibility of being able to read a huge range of magazines at the tap of a finger. It really is an extremely good deal having access to so many titles for £7.99 a month and it’s a great option if, like me, your dad has got everything he wants!

My Favourites
I am a long-time GQ fan and the app means I have been able to catch up on some issues I had missed. I also love Esquire for their style tips and Men’s Health as I have really got into the gym over the past 6 months. I have also been reading a few previous issues of T3 Magazine who I have written a double-page column for which will be available in early July!

Dad’s Favourites
My dad has been loving the app and has been catching up on some of his favourite magazines, as a huge car fan he’s been loving AutoCar, What Car? and TopGear. He’s also been living out his dream of owning a classic car by reading Classic Motoring and Classic Car Weekly…maybe next year I’ll treat him to one!