Reggie's Back

Documentaries aren't just for married men aged 40 with a pug called Norma, not at all! Especially not now, BBC Three are producing some serious quality documentaries with the likes of Stacey Dooley and Tiger Drew Honey on their roster, they are compelling and fantastic to watch.

Reggie Yates' Extreme UK | Sam Squire UK Male Blogger

One of my all-time favourites has got to be Reggie Yates, his smooth and cool style really resonates, it’s no wonder the beeb got him back for a second season of his hugely popular ‘Reggie Yates’ Extreme…’ - if you can remember, last time I teamed up with BBC Three it was to cover Reggies ‘Extreme Russia’…the word extreme doesn't even cover it. 

This time Reg is back with a new three-parter and the show has been brought a whole lot closer to home with Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK where he'll be exploring modern masculinity - the show starts TONIGHT at 9pm over on BBC Three with episode 1 ‘Gay & Under Attack’. Some of the scenes throughout the new season are sure to be shocking but Reg’s new-found skill when it comes to compelling documentaries will tell some really gripping stories. 

As usual, I’ve managed to get ahold of a sneak peek of tonights episode in which Reggie meets Max, whose African origin means having to battle with his family to be accepted as gay.

Don’t forget you can share your thoughts of the episode over on Twitter with #ExtremeUK - this is an extremely thought provoking documentary and I’ll be over on Twitter throughout the series joining in on the chat! Make sure to check out the website for more exclusive clips. 

Don't miss Reggie Yates's Extreme UK: Gay and Under Attack – Tonight at 9pm on BBC Three