Steal His Style: Reggie Yates

Possibly one of the most stylish men in TV, Reggie Yates is back with a hit new TV show - if you want the latest info on that then make sure you have a read of yesterday’s blog post, it shows off his fantastic ability for investigative journalism tackling life in Extreme Russia. 

Reggie Yates Style | Sam Squire Mens Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Anyway, enough of that, this post is all about his impeccable style. For years now, he’s pushed the style boundaries, his sharp sense of fashion has been a favourite on the red carpets, he definitely knows his style and how to dress. 

Earlier in the year, he once again hit the red carpet, this time for the BRITS Nominations Launch event, he rocked a really smart look that really caught my eye. Whilst it’s a few months on, style is endless and there’s never a time when a look like this can’t be stolen, so get online or get to the high street and follow these style tips to get his look. 

The Shirt:

Next’s White Textured Shirt With Contrast Collar is a great dupe for the shirt Reg is wearing, the textured finish makes it really different and stops it from looking too flat. Next are renowned for quality clothing so for £20 I would have thought this would be a really smart buy!

The Jacket:

Sometimes when it comes to tailoring you have to pay a little bit over your anticipated budget to really get something quality - ill fitting tailoring looks sloppy, come on guys, we’re better than that! This Zara Two-tone grey wool blazer is £100 and is made from a really great quality wool. You know when you shop at Zara that you’re going to get something slightly different to other high street shops. 

The Trousers:

Contrasting your jacket from your trousers can create a super epic look like Reggies. Now on offer at £40 down from £60, the Selected Homme Black Skinny Fit Trousers from Topman create a tapered, skinny fit look making for a really modern and sharp overall style - definitely worth a look. 

Pair with some suede black dress shoes or brogues, I think overall this creates a super dapper look - let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to join me for a live Tweet-along with Reggie Yates’ Extreme Russia tomorrow at 9pm on BBC Three!