#RichKids Episode 3

Beverly Hills wealthiest young bunch are well and truly back on E! - already the drama has obviously reached high levels…with *that* birthday meal for Dorothy and *that* chat about the Bahamas and Jonny’s attendance #Bahamadrama…not to mention *THAT* confusing awkwardness between Taylor and Roxy…heck there’s barely room to breath between the drama. Here 3 things to watch out for in Episode Three of the much loved E! show.

1. 💍

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Proposal | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Why say it in words when Emoji says it all! Brendan is about to make a huge step…after Morgan’s ‘subtle’ hints that she wants a big old sparkler on her finger, he has finally succumbed and bought one doozy of a ring…safe to say he’s a little bit nervous!

2. 💩

I was going to call this segment ‘Dirty Talking’ but I didn't want to get your hopes up…Roxy claims she’d never…ahem, visit the bathroom, in front of a boyfriend, I’m pretty sure I would be a bit weirded out if my girlfriend never went to the loo…there’s some Roxy logic in there somewhere, I'm sure?!

3. 😱

It’s safe to say there’s some seriously shocking moments in Ep 3, what would an episode of #RichKids be without it? Last week we were shocked by the reveal of Morgan’s middle name (see above video!) and she certainly was, too - Brendan was for sure in the dog house after that! This week will have you laughing and if you’re a naturally emotional being…crying (probably at point 1 in this list)

Don’t forget, you can catch all new #RichKids of Beverly Hills Thursday's at 9pm only on E!