#RichKids Episode 4

Y’all know tomorrow is #RichKids day and it’s another corker of an episode, you definitely don't want to miss it…as usual, my chums over at E! have given me some exclusive Episode 4 news to share with you…here 3 things to look forward to…

Not to-bae, child…mhmm

Bae. Urgh that word…seriously though, we should do everything in our power to stop it from leaving lips! EJ and Dorothy meet up to discuss the term Bae (among other things..maybe along the ‘B’ theme? Birkins and Botox?) and it’s safe to say they aren't a fan…quite frankly they hate it on the same level as me...and hopefully the rest of humanity!

The *actual* Hoff

Taylor-Ann might have one of the most memorable surnames, but after all it’s her legendary dad that gave her it! David Hasselhoff makes his first #RichKids appearance after Tay (I can call her that, right?) calls on him for a bit of advice, after all, he is one of THE most connected men in Hollywood!

Never Have I Ever…seen something so awkward!

We all know new boy Bobby now…Taylor-Ann’s new boyfriend bringing bags of baby-mama drama, in Episode 4 he is determined to cause trouble after the gang play one of the world’s best known drinking games. Bobby makes a below-the-belt sly remark aimed at Roxy…it got AWKWARD! Oh and FYI…don’t watch if you’re a prude.

Well there you have it #RichKids fans, three things to look out for tomorrow night…will you be watching? 

Catch #RichKids of Beverly Hills Thursdays at 9pm only on E!