Rips and Stripes

I know I know…it’s been *almost* a month since my last post. Things definitely dried up for a little while, however, I have just had a pretty belting holiday in the Mediterranean and I have a tonne of new content and ideas that I want to play around with…so I am back and you can expect a new post roughly once a week.

The best part about being in the Mediterranean sun is the late nights, wandering around without a care and doing some exploring. I found a really cool set of passages leading to little apartments in the fishing town I was staying in. For me, you have got to see the traditional parts of the places you visit!

Mango Menswear | Sam Squire

I picked up most of this outfit whilst in Spain, Mango had a pretty decent sale on so I thought I would treat myself to a few holiday purchases.

The Jeans
I picked up the Dylan jeans from the Mango sale and I am a huge fan. They have raw ends so essentially the hem has been cut off, this means they sit a bit shorter which I really like this time of year. They are great for rolling up a bit too if you’re up for showing off your ankles! The jeans are a nice stonewashed dark grey and also have slashed knees which I prefer to ripped knees as you don't get the stringy bits of denim. These are available for £39.99 on the Mango website.

Mango Menswear | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion blogger

The Sneaks
My sneakers were actually sent to me by Cole Haan shortly before going away. They are a luxury, ultra-lightweight runner and are perfect for the summer. They are made from a thin and ergonomic upper, and a super lightweight sole, they also have a leather footbed…combined, these make for a super breathable shoe which remains comfortable even in 30-degree scorching heat! These are available for £115 at Selfridges.

The Tee
My tee is the Bruno striped tee from Mango, I have had a look and it doesn't appear to be available in the UK market, but if you head to Spain at all this summer I highly recommend picking it up! It cost me €10 in the sale and is insanely comfortable. It’s lightweight which is great for this amazing weather and I have become a big fan of the oversized look at the minute!

Mango menswear | Ray Ban | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

The Sunnies
My sunglasses are Ray-ban Wayfarers. They are the new metal version which allows for much more rigidity and I imagine they’ll last well. As you may know, I am a glasses wearer and finding stylish prescription sunnies that actually look like the real thing is extremely hard. I got these sunnies direct from Ray-ban as they have now started to produce their own prescription lenses! They are extremely good quality, and getting them from Ray-ban means they look exactly the same as non-prescription glasses. They do tend to carry a heftier price tag, but for me, that’s just part and parcel of being a glasses wearer!!