The Royals - Episode 2

If you haven't heard about E!’s brand new show The Royals, fronted by Elizabeth Hurley, then really and truly you need to crawl out from under that rock…it’s been EVERYWHERE! Last week saw the launch of the show, and a huge big premiere party that definitely got chins-a-wagging!

The risqué new drama shows the dirty little secrets and ins-and-outs of Britain's modern day Royal family…not the ACTUAL Royal Family, this isn't an Oprah intervention, this is purely fictional…well, we assume! 

The kind folks over at E! have given me some more sneak peeks for you to feast your square eyes on, whilst the sheer amount of champers and fascinators in this clip make it look like an episode of Made in Chelsea I can categorically say there is zero Mark Francis and Binky is nowhere to be seen.

If you haven’t seen the premiere of The Royals, definitely check it out, it’s proved to be that popular that a season 2 has already been confirmed!