On The Runway

I was on the look out for a cool location to shoot for my Hyundai IONIQ blog post, which is coming very soon, when I found an abandoned RAF base not too far from my house. The chipped runway remains, now surrounded by fields and was once home to the Lancaster Bomber in World War II. Now presumably public land (if not then jail time should be fun) I thought it would make a pretty cool shoot location! Never one to miss an opportunity, I made the most of being there and got some outfit pics taken too!

I just opted for a really comfortable outfit, it’s Sunday and who can actually be arsed to get dressed up smart? Not this guy.

Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

First up is my denim jacket, which Topman sent me a few months back. I absolutely love it, it’s perfect for the British ‘summer’ when days are chillier than they really should be. The jacket is £40 and goes well with loads of different looks. The only downside is I think mine may be poorly made, the button on one of the cuffs doesn't match the button hole, it isn't a big deal for me as I preferred the sleeved rolled up anyway, but worth looking out for! I went full double denim with this look (crucify me now) and chucked on a pair of skinny jeans from Topman. I love this pair however for some reason they fit way tighter than any other pair of jeans I have, I don't know if it’s the black dye or me eating too much, but I’ll go with blaming the brand!

Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

My tee is a current favourite, it’s from Selected Homme, which is a brand I am definitely appreciating right now. The material is so nice, it’s textured but isn't too thick so it hands and fits really nicely. It’s quite a deep military green colour so goes well with black.

Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

My shoe of choice was pretty simple, my grey Nike Roche Runs have been through a lot with me, but they’re still clinging on to life. They’re like slippers and are super breathable, I’ll honestly be gutted when these give up the ghost!