I Can Do The Fandango...Parte Dos

As we all already know, I am a big fan of Scaramouche and Fandango products - not just for their cooky name and cool packaging but they smell great and do exactly what they say on the 'tin'.

So, when Tamara and the lovely folks over at Scaramouche offered to hook me up with some more products to try, one simply couldn't resist such an offer! I have previously tried Sh (Shampoo) and Cd (Conditioner) and they worked great - this time I was sent Fs (Face Scrub) and Hy (Hydrator). From what I can tell, I think all of the product smell the same, however I do unfortunately have the nasal abilities of a pug so I could be completely wrong.

The face scrub is really good, it's quite a strong scrub, i.e the scrub bits (actual brain fart, can't remember what the bitty things in a scrub are called...winning at life...) are actually quite big so they really get rid of dry skin, I sometimes find ones that are just slightly gritty are great for daily use but this one I use once weekly to really get rid of the dutty bits of skin. For me, it works great, it contains exfoliating Prickly Pear...I literally had to Google this because today it's been a bit of a fail day for me today and had zero clue that pears with prickles existed...it's a great scrub because it doesn't dry you out, if you're not much of a moisturising kid then personally I'd say you could totally get away without moisturising with the Fs. 

Hello Hydration - I feel like thats off a really cheesy cliche advert...with Anti-Fatigue cell energiser and Vitamin E, the Hydrator is really great and making you look non-crap. This is literally my 6am moisturiser and makes me look like I've definitely NOT missed my alarm, so quite obviously my cells need energising the poor things. 

Overall my friends at Scaramouche have REALLY impressed me! I love their stuff and you should too, thus I am giving away one of their conditioners! Stay tuned for my 1st Birthday Giveaway! It's currently totalling well over £200! V Exciting. Give me and Scaramouche a follow on Twitter - click here to follow me and here to follow S&F and let us know what your FAVE product is!