A bit of a lather

A few weeks ago you might have seen my blog post on the Swagger & Jacks beard oil that I was sent. Unfortunately it was something I couldn't review due to my lack of beard so they dropped me a line again and asked if they could send me a box of their other products to check out and review, I thought I would do it bit by bit so I don't have a blog post that takes a few years to read. 

The first product from their range that I tried was the Hair & Body Shampoo - first off let’s start with the bottle, it’s super swanky, the metal finish gives it an overall good quality feel and they certainly don’t scrimp on product, either - these come packed with a thick, nice smelling shampoo that will for sure last you for a good while!

I find my hair needs quite a lot of moisture in a shampoo otherwise it starts to look a bit like an un-controlled field of extremely dry grass in the height of summer. This definitely gives that, I think after the first wash my hair was already super soft and moisturised.

They have a few variants of shampoo, I'm yet to try out the others - it isn't often I find a shampoo that I’d be keen on keeping on using, I normally change my shampoo with the wind, literally every week I try a new one. This one has left my hair feeling really good so I am going to keep it up for a while and let you know how it goes! The great thing about it is that it is a Hair & Body shampoo, a great option for your spring vacation, why take a million bottles of lotions and potions when you can take one bottle? Definitely the swiss army knife of grooming products and only £14.95.