What I Wore: Spring

What better way to spend a lovely bank holiday weekend than to head for a walk? Yesterday I took a stroll and took the opportunity whilst it was dry to get a few pictures snapped. You can browse these in the gallery below. 

What I wore…

I rocked a pair of Topman LTD Black Spray-on jeans - these have a really nice fit, if you have a Topman nearby head out and check their LTD range - really fantastic quality and you’re sure to find something a little different or a new take on your old favourites! 

My plaid shirt is from River Island, I can’t remember when I got it but it was probably last year or the year before, I doubt it is still in their collections but I think a good quality plaid shirt is a great thing to keep in your wardrobe, it seems to be really nicely offset against the bright green lush leaves! 

Under my shirt, and again from River Island is a sweater t-shirt…it is literally what it says, it’s a thick sweater that has had the sleeves roughly cut off and looks pretty cool, I have featured it on here before and I wear it loads because it’s perfect for Spring days that are a little chilly, it’s a thick sweatshirt material so it keeps you warm. My only issue with it is that it looks like what people in prisons wear to exercise. 

Soooo if you have been living under a rock or are one of the many tasteless individuals who has unfollowed me on Twitter, you won’t be aware that I HAVE AN APPLE WATCH. Seriously kids I love this thing and I donned it to go for a walk, it photographs seriously well, I love the way the light reflects off it…is there anything it can’t do?!

What do you think? Love or Loathe? Let me know in the comments below, via a 'like' just down there or on Twitter!