Steal his Style

If you’re a long-time reader of the blog, you might remember my super popular ‘Steal his Style’ posts that I used to write. Time took over and the series came to an end, however I am so excited to be launching Steal his Style as it’s own standalone website!

This’ll form the second ‘Squire’ site and will be the go-to place to steal the style of the celebs and influencers that are your style heroes. This very blog is in its 4th year, so to branch out and create new things and new projects is really exciting.

I wont be losing any focus here on, the weekly men’s fashion & lifestyle posts will continue as they always have, but you can just be excited about a whole new site and a new resource to get the look from your style inspiration.

To celebrate the launch of the site - I am giving away a whopping 24 grooming products! All of them are products that I personally love! To win this absolutely awesome loot, all you need to do is click here. Retweet the Tweet and follow both @ImSamSquire and @StealhisStyle.

You can follow Steal his Style on Twitter and Instagram for all of the latest news and looks. The site isn't launched just yet, but you’ll find out when it launches on the socials! Hope you’re all as hype about this new site as I am, if you ever have any Style Steal requests, you can tweet them or submit them on the site!