Lookbook: Summer Nights

No doubt you’ve seen on my social media that I am currently in Portugal sunning myself and enjoying some epic scenery. I wanted to share with you a few outfits I have been wearing since getting here, when you’re abroad and headed out for an evening it can be tricky to decide what to wear.

Sometimes what looks the best simply isn't comfortable in the heat and compromises have to be made! Here’s a simple lookbook to help inspire you a little when it comes to an evening out in the sun. A quick little note before I get too deep into this post, my blog has had a slight update and you’ll see on the pics below a little + icon - when you click this it gives you further detail on the product and the option to head over and purchase the products on display, making it even easier to shop my blog posts, I hope you love it!!

This summer I am all about the nostalgic vibes. I am loving some of the quirky prints and vintage colour schemes that are making their way into stores. I recently picked up a new tee from ASOS as I have also been really liking the back-printed looks the have been taking over this summer - the tee is from New Love Club and features a retro design on the back. They say it’s 70’s inspired but I would disagree and say it has more of an 80’s vibe, the pastel print looks great and the tee itself is nice and comfortable too. You can pick it up for £16 from ASOS, and I’ll be heading over to buy myself another as shortly after this pic I dropped chocolate ice cream down it…such a child!

I often roll the sleeves a couple of times on a tee just simply because I like the way it sits better. With this look I am wearing some DIY shorts that I cut from an old pair of jeans - if they’re too worn to be jeans I will always try giving them a new lease of life and cutting them into shorts! My vintage penny chain is also from ASOS, I always think it’s nice to accessorise a look and for £8 you cant go wrong! This look is perfect for a slightly more relaxed evening, a few drinks and a walk on the beach.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I am really into monochrome. So I certainly surprised myself when I picked up this Topman shirt. I love the bright colour pops and the shirt is such a nice light material that it is perfect to wear on a sweltering evening. I am a bit gutted as it seems Topman no longer stock this shirt, but I’m not surprised because it must have been popular! With this look I am wearing an ear cuff from ASOS, these come in a pack of 3 for £8 and is a slightly different way of accessorising what you’re wearing. I also have on a chain from Topman, this came as a pack of two - again these are no longer available but there are plenty of other geometric chains available, I have linked one on the image below!

I am also wearing my go-to sneakers, my Nike Roche Runs in grey, I find these things so comfortable and can walk around all evening in them! You can pick these up in loads of places and they’re a really popular sneaker, I recently picked them up in blue, too!

If you’re going out for a nice smart dinner, I highly recommend getting yourself over to Reiss! I picked up the Coltby shirt a few months ago, it was one I had seen and really wanted but it is so popular that it kept going in and out of stock. Currently it is out of stock so I have linked some suggestions below, the Vanda shirt is a great alternative! I love this shirt, it is light and cool and you can wear it in so many ways. It’s perfect for a smart dinner look, but also great if worn open with swim shorts on the beach, definitely one to keep in your wardrobe this summer!

With this I wore another pair of DIY shorts, these were cut from some ripped Topman jeans that simply got too ripped to wear anymore so I decided to cut them into shorts. I also wore my new River Island loafers, which are so comfortable and smarten up a look nicely - I picked these up for £50 at ASOS.

Across all looks I have been wearing my EyeBuyDirect sunglasses, which were featured in my last post. They’re the most comfortable things and they go well with so many outfits - another brand to keep in mind this summer!

What looks will you be wearing this summer? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter or Instagram. Don't forget to follow my summer story over on Instagram, too!

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