Summer Style: Swimmers

So I’m currently sat in the rather plush Strand Palace Hotel here in London after an afternoon of mooching around the city. I know on my social media I promised a vlog and don’t you worry there will be one, I plan on just merging it all in to one great vid. Today though you have got to put up with a Summer Swimmers Picks…here’s my top three cash-friendly picks for this summer to rock on the beach, around the pool…heck, wherever you like!! 

Speedos don’t simply have to be budgie smugglers…if you don’t fancy unleashing that on the beach then check out their swim short ranges. They have some really cool styles and they aren't all the same with different length options, such as these Men's Retro Leisure 14" Swim Shorts, they’re basic but really stylish, short and fitted, definitely a modern short for the upcoming summer season! Available direct from Speedo for £23.00.

We all know TK Maxx (or to my American friends, TJ Maxx) is THE best place for getting discounted designer brands. You could *almost* have a Baywatch moment in these shorts, orange is close enough to red so heck I say go for it! These Replay Orange Boxer Swim Shorts - you save a HUGE £31 on these shorts, bagging them for just £16.99…if these aren't already in your suitcase then I don't know what you’re playing at, man! 

Clothing at Tesco, also known as F&F is a serious contender this summer, you wouldn't believe a supermarket can make such quality and stylish clothes - plus all with fantastically low prices. Ombre isn't just for flower-garland-wearing festival females, oh no! At only £6 these ombre shorts are quite frankly, a bloody bargain!