App Of The Moment...Super!

The name Biz Stone might just ring a bell for you socially savvy lot, Biz is one of the life saving minds behind the social media we know and love, Twitter! (and boy do I love Twitter!) he's developed a unique fun little app called Super! I spoke to Biz about it and here's what he said:

We built Super because we realized that if something is fun, then people are more likely to use it. If a lot of people use it, then something has the potential of becoming important. When I first worked on Twitter, it was fun. When you look at something like Snapchat or even Facebook, they were, first and foremost, fun. It wasn't until later, when lots of folks used these services, that they started to become important.

Super is not particularly innovative from a technical standpoint so we decided to to be inspired by art. For me this is going back to my roots because I started out as an artist, then graphic artist, then technologist. Each Super post is like a little work of art conveying a bold opinion. The UI itself is unlike most other apps—we broke the mold and just went kinda crazy. Super is designed to be fun. It's fun to build and it's fun to use.

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