I Don't Have a Beard

Recently a Norwich Barbers called Swagger & Jacks got in touch because they wanted to send me something. I am always up for a product review so gave them my postal address that they can send products to! (If you ever want to hook me up - drop me a message for the address!)

I assume they are a barbershop that are looking at going mainstream with a line of grooming products but I cant confirm that because I wasn't actually given any information other than their in-store price list (£23 for a wash, cut and style).

What they sent me was 2 bottles of beard oil - now I don’t know if you’ve EVER seen the baby face I rock but I don’t possess a beard so it’s somewhat tricky for me to attempt to review beard oil unless we wait until I'm in my mid 40’s and I can rock some kind of creepy goatee. 

Because of this I don’t really have much to say on them - is this like THE most pointless blog post in the history of the internet? I didn't want to write nothing because I am sure it’s a great product, it just unfortunately isn't really tailored to me. They are available direct on their site for £14.95 each OR in a set for £26.95.

I think I may do a giveaway with these at some point in the very near future because they are good for 6 months and I don't think I will be growing a beard at all in that time scale. 

You can check out Swagger & Jacks website here. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below - have you tried them?