A Clean Shave

As you’ll know from previous chats we’ve had - an awesome company called Swagger & Jacks stocked me the heck up with loads of their products. 

Last time I reviewed their hair and body shampoo - this time is another one of their wicked products, the Ultimate Shave Cream. This is a super thick shaving cream - whilst it’s thick it isn't really that dense, it feels light on your face and doesn't leave any oil, but like with most creams it is quite moisturising.

I am really impressed by it, it is definitely a barbershop quality product, it is a really great brushless system, you can work it into a real lather just in your hands, which first time using it I didn't realise and ended up using waaaaay to much - a small amount goes a long way!

I like the fact it is in a little pot, too - really great for travelling around the country and world rather than a pressurised can that explodes in your suitcase covering everything you hold dearly in foam!

I personally think for £14.95 you can’t really go wrong, you get a nice, smooth, close shave from this and it protects you from razor snags and burns. You can check it out now on their official website, simply click here - they have a huge range of products, definitely worth a browse!