Men's Guide to Autumn Fitness

Men's lifestyle writer, Peter Minkoff guest writes on everything a men needs to ensure his Autumn fitness routines are the very best!

A man’s body is highly responsive to the outside conditions, which means that training in different seasons affects our organism differently. Therefore, in order to stay healthy and improve our bodies, we need to adapt to this new set of circumstances. This means that, when the autumn arrives, we need to adjust our exercises, our diet and even our training clothes to it. Here are a few tips and tricks about autumn fitness that I managed to pick up over the course of years.
Taking Advantage of the Weather

Men's Autumn Fitness routine | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about autumn fitness is a morning beach workout. You don’t need gym machines for a quality strength training and you can do squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups and scissor kicks literally anywhere. Seeing how the summer is already gone, not a lot of people will be on the beach, which leaves you with a unique opportunity to find solitude and dazzling landscape in one place. Whenever it’s not raining, you can always go jogging, walking and hiking as a form of cardio and discover something new about your city along the way.

Autumn Fitness | Men's Fitness | Sam Squire UK Male fashion Blogger

Outdoor Group Activities
One of the greatest advantages that the autumn holds over the summer is that the weather is overall better for outdoor activities. If for example, you wanted to play touch football in the park with your friends, you would either have to get up early in the morning or wait for the sun to come down. Needless to say, in the autumn, you don’t have to worry about this. As a cardio, it’s irreplaceable, seeing how it is extremely physically arduous Also it’s infinitely more interesting than running or cycling. On top of it all, you get to socialize with people. A clear and undeniable win-win scenario.  

Seasonal Diet
Training properly means that you will go through your food reserves quite quickly. Replenishing them takes proper nutrition and supplementation. On the other hand, sometimes, you get the opportunity to join these two in a single meal, which often turns out for the best. My personal autumn favorite is a smoothie with rice protein powder. Seeing how rice is already highly nutritious, protein powder is not there to complement, but only to enhance its effect.
In 2016, with modern greenhouses and import/export policies, we can basically eat apples, oranges and tomatoes anywhere in the world, all year-round. However, our biology simply can’t keep up with this rapid agricultural progress, which means that our body knows the difference between what’s in season and what’s not. Personally, during the autumn season, I try to eat pumpkins and squash seeds as much as possible. Apart from my personal preference, pumpkin flesh is filled with carotenoids that have a strong anti-ageing property. The most important thing, however, is that according to the Middlesex University research, the enzymes in pumpkin seeds may also reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Autumn Workout Clothes
Another thing you need to worry about during the autumn is what to wear during your workout. Putting on too much can restrict your movement and make you overheat while wearing too little can make you freeze, which is again a hazard for your health. This is why you need to dress in layers, which will allow you to prepare properly for any situation.

As a season, the autumn is quite good for athletic endeavors. What more can you ask for than moderate temperatures, seasonal food diversity, and landscapes that seem purpose-built to draw you outdoors to exercise? All in all, those willing and ready to nurture their physical side during this part of the year, have all the conditions to do so efficiently. They only need to learn how.