Why I gave up wet shaving!

I’m often asked for advice and comment from readers as well as different publications that want my input. Recently I had an email from a reader that asked about shaving and what I recommend when wet shaving. It was then that I started to change how I shave.

I probably have to shave around three times a week, and as I have mentioned in a few other blog posts, I have quite sensitive skin meaning I need to be careful what I use, as well and when and how it’s used.

Philips OneBlade Pro Review | Sam Squire uK Male fashion blogger

I was always big on wet shaving, I like to be clean shaven at all times as it just suits me better. I started to find that actually, wet shaving wasn't working for my skin, I have a shelf full of products I have tried but for whatever reason, I was always getting cuts, irritation or breakouts from it so a couple of months’ ago I decided to pack it in altogether.

Now, I never tend to react much to marketing, however, when I saw Philips advertising their new OneBlade on Facebook I really took note of what they were saying. It’s marketed as a new way to trim, edge and shave…both wet and dry. It doesn't look like a foil razor, and it doesn't look like a standard wet shave razor…it looked completely different and I thought it was worth a try.

Philips OneBlade Pro Review | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

I did my research before buying and Philips really seemed to go on a sponsored post offensive to get the product out there, when I fished my way through the ‘I’m paid to say this is fantastic’ posts, I found one of a normal guy trying it out, the results were really impressive!

I opted for the OneBlade Pro - this comes with a slightly different body, a 14-length cutter guide a battery indicator light and the 4-month replaceable blade.

So how have I got on? I don’t tend to use the cutter guide as I like a shave to be as close as possible, and I have to say I have found it quite impressive, it cuts really close using a blade that slices at a ridiculously fast speed, meaning no hairs are missed. The double-edged blade means whether going up or down, you’ll be cutting the hair in both directions.

You can use this wet or dry, as I don’t wet shave anymore, I have found that even just dry shaving with this gives you a really close shave and leaves you feeling smooth. it charges quick and I have been getting around a month’s charge out of it, which is pretty impressive! Overall, I am really impressed, I think I paid under £50 for this in Boots (click here to buy), I love the fact you only need to buy a new blade every 4 months which really helps to cut the cost of your shave.

If you’re unsure of what shave would suit you best, I’d recommend the OneBlade, that way whether it’s wet or dry, you’ll be able to use it to suit you in the best possible way! For more info on OneBlade, click here to check out the Philips website!