The Clubround

As you’ll all know, I am a HUGE fan of Ray Ban, they were the first pair of designer specs that I got many many years ago and they have been my style staple ever since. Whether optics or sunnies, I own a good few different style of Ray’s now and I firmly believe you can never have too many. 

Ray Ban club round | Sam Squire uk male fashion blogger

Well there’s a brand new addition of the ever growing Ray Ban family…the Clubround is here! It’s a hybrid of their round frame and the Clubmaster frame and it’s something that dreams are made of. 

Round glasses are super on trend right now and I have always been a fan of the classic that is the Clubmaster, especially in tortoiseshell finishes - they really haven’t put a foot wrong with the finishes available on the Clubround’s. 

These are great for all styles, whether you’re on the beach in some swim shorts and an open shirt or you’ve donned a suit and are on a red carpet, these shade are seriously cool and will add even more effortless dapper style to your look. 

As ever, these are available direct from Ray Ban you can click here to have a browse or if you can see the embedded products above, simply click that!

Catching Some Rays

Mallorca literally feels like a distant memory for me…I am back in the UK getting paler by the day thanks to the British ‘summer’ - for the past couple of months I have had a wicked collab going with Vision Express and there’s still loads more to come from that so keep your eyes peeled. Today though I thought I would show you another pair of specs I got from them at the start of the summer!

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Getting Some Shade

As you’ll all be well and truly aware, I currently have a huge collaborative partnership with Vision Express going on. The lovely folks there have given me a huge range of glasses to shoot and style and use throughout my blog posts this summer. You may also be aware I am currently in Mallorca soaking up the sun, when you put the two together…you get one heck of a sunglasses photoshoot! 

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