Spring has sprung!

I’M OFFICIALLY 21!!! Today is my Birthday and I thought what better way to celebrate than to blog about my new favourite thing…my Topman camel coat!

Topman Camel Coat | Sam Squire UK men's fashion & lifestyle blog

So, camel coats are pretty big business right now, everyone’s wearing them and I thought I would invest in my own. I headed straight for Topman, I knew exactly which coat I wanted and I was prepared to fight to the death for it…and I nearly had to.

There was only one in my size left in my local Topman store so I did the really mature thing of basically racing another guy to get the coat…I took home the coat, and a medal for 1st place nifty bastard 👊🏼

Camel coats are great for so many different style, whether super smart or ultra casual it just works so well. My coat has a bit of length which is great because it keeps you warm but not too warm, as you’d usually wear it open.

Topman Camel Coat | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion & lifestyle blog

I decided to pair my coat with a red plaid shirt for a bit of colour, a white crew-neck tee - which I have to thank my man Oliver Cheshire for recommending when I had a chat with him last week, a pair of my signature black spray-on skinny jeans from Topman and some black zip suede boots…there’s a lot of black going on, I know!

It’s a great spring outfit and I am loving layering shirts, tees and coats right now - hopefully as the days get a bit warmer I can just wear the coat with a white crew tee. Topman actually have a huge range of camel coats to pick from, you can click here to see the full range or click here to check out my exact coat…it’s on offer for £50 right now so I would definitely recommend checking it out!!

Well, I’m off to go and wear party hats and eat copious amounts of cake…you’re only 21 once, right? 🎂🎉

Get the look: Camel

When you’re cruising about the place in a nice motor like the very lovely Hyundai Tucson Premium SE, you want to make sure that you’re also dressed the part. I put together this outfit to give you some inspiration for dressing the part when you’re cruising around in your luxury SUV. Or in my case, sat in the boot…it’s always best to dress well for a kidnapping. 

Here’s everything that you need to know to steal my look and dress your best.

First up the camel coat is being rocked all around the gaff at the minute, even Yeezy was spotted out wearing one…now Squeezy over here is rocking one, too! (I tried to combine Squire with Yeezy, don’t hate me).

Camel Coat Menswear | Sam Squire UK male blogger

This coat is from Topman, I actually found it pretty hard to get a decent one on the high street but this wool blend bad boy is comfortable, warm and everything you’d be looking for in a camel coat. It cost me £95 but is now on sale (f*ck sake) at £65…grab it whilst you can!

The jeans are….Topman! Of course, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while then obviously I pity you but also you’ll know that I only ever wear Topman’s spray on skinny jeans. Ripped knees are totally on trend right now, so like a sheep I got myself a pair - these are really comfortable and great quality, worth checking out! I can’t find my actual ones on their site but these new ones have a contrasting colour on the rips!

Camel Coat Menswear | Sam Squire uk male blogger

My denim shirt adds a subtle bit of colour to the outfit, which goes perfect with the white tee, too. The shirt is from Pull & Bear, their clothing is awesome and such good quality, I got this when I was in Lille, France so I don’t know if it’s just globally available or is just in France as I can’t seem to find it here. Any denim shirt would go well, though!

Team with a pair of tan chelsea boots for a super slick look.