The Only Way Is 90's

I was born in the 90's which surely means it is acceptable for me to still dress like a 90's guy, correct? As a plethora of you who follow me on Twitter will know, I was recently in Essex for a few days and so popped along to a TOWIE favourite, no, not SugarHut and sorry Arg it isn't Pizza Hut either.  Baccus is a menswear store that is frequented by the likes of the ever-dapper Mario Falcone and his BFF/fellow love-rat Charlie Sims and now, ME!
They stock a whole bunch on indie designers so I popped over and picked up a pretty blumming awesome t-shirt! It is by Cuckoo's Nest Clothing (amazing name) and cost £35 - yes, that is a little steep for a t-shirt but I think we all can gather I live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget and the shirt was super well made and just caught my eye - I wasn't leaving without it in a bag! Just a side note, I took all the pictures in utterly vile lighting so I have done my best to make them workable! I feel like the shirt has a really spring-like vibe going on with the floral kind of pattern.
And of course, every 90's inspired outfit simply isn't complete without a bomber jacket? I am a huge ASOS fan and after already being an Insider I recently became a VIP, much excitement, basically I get a load of new benefits and exciting bits and bobs. So, thought I would treat myself to a new bomber jacket. This one really caught my eye, it was £50 and whilst they had some cheaper ones on offer, this one specifically caught my eye with it's bright colours. 
It's a really good look don't you think? It's vibrant and really perfect for this spring season as the sun is starting to shine!  What are your top spring trends this year? Let me know - you can Tweet me @ImSamSquire (new username #fancy) or use the Hashtag #SamSquire so I can see all the chat! Make sure to follow @BaccusStore and @Asos_Menswear on Twitter too!