GUEST: 6 Simple Style Upgrades

As a man myself I will readily admit that we are a bit of a conundrum. Our resistance to change is comical at best and downright frustrating at worst, and suggestions or advice relating to our taste in clothing is more often than not taken as a direct insult to our manhood. But there are times when change is for the best, and those old high school hoodies and band merch shirts must find another home.

So, if you know a man that is in dire need of a style upgrade, drop a link to these tips in your next email, or better still leave your laptop open on this page and put it next to the fridge.

1. There are seven colors in a rainbow
Contrary to popular belief (amongst us males anyway) there are in fact more colors than the three or four staples we base all our clothing purchases on. Open a guy’s wardrobe and a sea of neutral colors will underwhelm your senses. Navy, gray, black, and brown (for special occasions) are what we do best, but it’s all very boring.
Instead of dressing like you want to blend in, guys should opt for at least one bright and vibrant color in their ensemble. A simple red shirt or even an orange sweater complements those charcoal jeans perfectly.

2. Stop shopping at chain stores
Okay, perhaps there’s no need to stop completely, but the signature pieces of an outfit should not come from a rack of fifty identical items. There’s nothing worse than walking into an elevator, or worse, up to the bar only to find yourself staring at a guy with the exact same checked shirt.
Try vintage stores or specialty shops for items such as sweaters and jackets that help create a decidedly individual style. Dress and casual shirts, on the other hand, should be the domain of your friendly neighborhood tailor. Speaking of which…

3. Invest in a custom-made suit
Yes, there are many excellent off the rack suits on the market but finding one that fits you perfectly is a tough task for even the most average-sized of average men, and besides, custom-made threads are the pinnacle of style and none more so than the tailored suit.
A tailor worth their salt will assist in choosing the right style, fit, and fabric to complement any body shape, it’s an investment in style that is virtually guaranteed to last a lifetime.

4. Dress down that suit
It’s easy to understand why the majority of men try their best to avoid wearing suits outside the office. It’s a link to those long working hours spent tied to a desk and not wearing one at the weekend can feel quite liberating. But think about dressing down that suit with a sweater and a pair of sneakers or loafers. If that’s a bit too fashion-forward then simply use the jacket to level up any smart casual outfit. Just remember though that no matter how much you wear the jacket on its own, suit pants and jacket should always go to the dry cleaners together so as to remain uniform in color.  

5. Ditch the running shoes
Use active wear of any kind for its intended purpose, so no matter how comfy those running shoes are, keep them for the track only. Leather sneakers in a block color are the ideal finishing touch to an outfit. Their lack of branding, dayglow stripes, and reflective patches is a nice change and makes them and easy addition to any look.

6. Replace hoodies with sweaters
We all know that his favorite hoodies will never truly leave a man’s life, but there’s nothing wrong with them spending a little more time in the closet. As a replacement choose a close-fitting sweater, preferably in one of those vibrant colors mentioned earlier.

While these six simple tips focus on upgrading a man’s clothing, there are actually more benefits than just looking better. In reinventing his style, a man can learn to take more pride in his appearance and enjoy a significant boost in confidence. And after receiving the terrible news that his current taste in clothes beggars belief, we all know he could probably do with that boost.

About The Author

Jatin Vengurlekar | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

Jatin Vengurlekar is the CEO of Montagio Mens Suits Sydney and a leading men’s fashion consultant in Sydney, Australia. He has been featured in publications such as HuffingtonPost, GQ, Men’s Fitness and many other leading publications. In his spare time, he likes to write men’s fashion advice on his men’s style blog and take his dog for walks on the beach.

#THREE - Retro College

This latest blog post has definitely been a long time in the making! If you missed it, my little old blog turned THREE just a couple of weeks back. My old friends at Topman asked if we could team up to celebrate an awesome three years of blogging, and also offer one of my fantastic readers a little gift by way of celebration! 

We have teamed up on three different looks, each one is totally unique and this look is look number one! For look number 1 we wanted to achieve a retro-inspired college look. 

Topman Jumper | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion blogger

I love autumn, fallen leaves and cosy weekends are an absolute must, and I love getting my jumpers out, too! The jumper I am wearing under my bomber jacket is just a really simple panel knit. It’s quite lightweight so perfect for early autumn but likewise, as the days get colder you can easily whack a plain tee on underneath for an extra layer of warmth. The white and grey on this jumper mean it’ll go with pretty much anything, I think it looks great with the bomber. It’s also a pretty popular one, it’s currently out of stock in all sizes so keep your eyes peeled here for if it gets restocked!  


Next up let’s talk about the bomber, this is currently my favourite item of clothing, I am wearing it constantly because it is so warm and looks great, too. I picked up the Badged MA1 Bomber Jacket in the navy as I thought it went better with this look, but it is also available in khaki, too. The badged detailing adds a really retro look and the puffed out bomber styling not only means it is really warm for this time of year, but it also adds a bit more retro style to it. I think not only does this look great, but it’s really practical, too. It’s super lightweight to hold and is the perfect kind of thing to take for a continental getaway this autumn because it packs down quite small, too. It’s well worth checking out and is a real coop at £65, check it out here


Now, if you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ll know the only jeans I ever actually wear are the Topman spray-on skinny fit. This time around, though, we decided I would try a different fit, stretch skinny. I am always super skeptical but I knew I was in safe hands with Topman as I pretty much love most of the product they stock anyway. The Black Overdyed Stretch Skinny Jeans that I am wearing might just be my new favourite jeans, they are so comfortable and that little bit of stretch is great for when you’re sitting down, I have to say I am really impressed by them. I mainly wear black jeans so I would say these are a really good addition to my collection, especially as so many of my old comfy jeans are in desperate need of replacement!! These are available here for £38, for the price they are great quality and if they’re like my other Topman jeans, will last for absolutely years! 


Finally the shoes. It’s been an autumn staple of mine for the past few years to have a good sturdy pair of boots, last year’s were from Office, and this year’s are a pair of suede Chelsea’s from Topman. I love everything about these boots, the cut isn't so high that your jeans get all bunched up which is never a good look, the fit is quite slim and comfortable on my foot and getting them on and off is a piece of cake. I’d recommend giving them a spray with some suede protector so you don't end up with scuffed grubby boots. I actually think these are great value at £55, I have paid more for boots in the past that have been much worse quality, I love the soft suede on these, check them out here

Topman have some great stuff in their autumnal collections that are well worth checking out! 

Competition time now…let me know what you’re going to be wearing this fall by sending me a pic of your favourite item from on Twitter using #MyFallLook and you could win £100 to spend online and in store! Don’t forget to also follow @ImSamSquire and @Topman for all the latest updates! Good luck!! 

Sporty Squire

Introducing a sporty element to your look is increasingly popular at the moment and whether going for a complete sport luxe look or just adding some small elements to your day-to-day look there’s plenty you can do to style up one of the latest trends.

A couple of weeks ago the guys over at Jacamo got in touch to ask if they could send me some stuff. They gave me a few different style to pick from and I decided to hit up their gym wear section of their website to see what items I could pull for a cool hybrid look.

Sam Squire | UK Men's fashion & lifestyle blogger | Jacamo Menswear

I put together this mixed look combining my usual day-to-day look of black jeans and a pair of sneakers, I added the teal Adidas t-shirt that Jacamo sent and also thought I would style it up with a pair of Ray Ban sunnies and a snapback.

Sam Squire UK Men's fashion & lifestyle blogger | Jacamo Menswear

I think the look works really well and I don’t often wear a coloured t-shirt so it’s definitely nice for a change! You can pick the tee up from Jacamo for £25, just click here.