Transformation: 8Fit Reviewed

With 2019 just around the corner, there is no doubt that you’re looking down at that post-gym belly and planning to get rid of it ready for summer. Over the next 3 weeks, Handbook will be reviewing the best at-home fitness apps to see if they really do make a difference in helping you to shift those Christmas pounds.

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Cocktail Club: Bloody Jack

It’s Saturday we’re all super chilled and you know exactly what that means…time for another Cocktail Club recipe! Today’s is called the Bloody Jack, it’s a really quick and simple recipe with hardly any ingredients needed so if your cupboards are bare it isn't going to ruin your night of cocktail fun. 

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Review: Beats Studio

So as you may, or may not know, it was recently my birthday. I got loads of pretty awesome things and one of my fave things I got happened to be some Beats By Dre headphones. I have seen so many mixed reviews of them, I am absolutely not an expert when it comes to sound/music and headphones, I just want something practical that will do what I want and will last for a good length of time. 

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Steal His Style: Oliver Cheshire (UK)

The life of an international male model must be pretty hectic to say the least - add in a pop-star girlfriend and you’ve got yourself a paparazzi storm. Looking good is up high on Oliver Cheshire’s agenda as he fails to step out looking anything less than stylish. I have compiled a few items that will help you steal his style - just without the male model’s paycheque! 

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Nutribullet Pro 900 Series

The company involved in this blog post probably need zero introduction because, unless you’ve been living under a rock in 2015 then you’ll have for sure heard of them. Nutribullet hit me up a few weeks back and asked if I wanted to try and review their top of the range Pro 900 series. 

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Well it’s finally here, the new site! I hope you love it, personally I think it looks great and I am super happy with it, the fading header image is everything I need in life!

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Someone's Getting Shirty

I am BACK with my second blog post of the day...I know right - someone check my pulse! We're carrying on with the eBay collections blog segment and we've done the shoes and trousers so it's time to dress your torso...noone likes a chilly torso. 

You know the drill by now, click on the image below to head to my eBay Collections - I've been building these collections to give you the very best outfits that are great for different occasions, work, college, parties and more, even better is that they are budget outfits, you're getting amazing quality garments but a lot cheaper than you can get them on the highstreet, this is all thanks to the eBay Fashion Gallery, a section of eBay inhabited by some of the country's best fashion brands including boohoo Menswear, Blue Inc, Schuh and more. As always you can check back on the previous collections and bundle together the items you love most.
Don't forget to give me a follow on eBay to keep upto date with the collections, also follow me on Twitter @ImSamSquire and we can have a natter about things in life.

The Award Goes To...

Soo a slight change from the scheduled blog post (it'll be live tomorrow) - I had some awesome news today, the awesome folk over at GroomU (check them out) dropped me a tweet and an email to tell me that I have been shortlisted for a 'Best Newcomer' blogging award. Pretty snazzy, correct?

I am really flattered, the fact that me and my silly little thoughts that I type down might actually win an award is pretty blummin' crazy. 

So, this is the time when I need y'all most! Voting closes on 25th April and I would absolutely adore you if you vote for me. If you love checking out my blog, follow me on twitter or are just a crazy human that got lost on the internet and ended up here, yes, you too - I am begging for you to go and drop me a vote. It takes simply a second of your time to vote and can be done on Twitter or Facebook, so even important people like David Cameron, The Queen and Katie Hopkins can cast a vote! I have left a link below for you to click, it takes you straight to the voting page. Please when you have voted drop a comment below or drop me a Tweet @ImSamSquire so I can personally thank you. 


So today I just wanted to do a short post, I guess it’s kind of lifestyle based. It’s about dreams and not giving up on them. You should never feel stupid or embarrassed by having something you’d really like to do in life, whether it’s climb a mountain, go on the X Factor or write a book, everything is achievable with a good mental attitude.  Look at obstacles thrown at you not as a barrier in your way but as motivation, if someone tells you it’s a stupid idea or it’ll never happen, okay that’s their opinion, maybe the thing that you want to do isn’t something they’d want to do, big deal – be yourself and achieve what you want to achieve.  I recently got some news about a really cool opportunity and originally I felt I couldn’t tell my family because to them it’d seem almost laughable and stupid, but to me it’s something I really want to do and only now I am starting to think, fair enough to them it may be stupid and embarrassing, but to me it’s something I’d like to attempt and it’s just another experience you can add to the tick list of life! 

I’m now at the point where I am asking myself ‘why not?’ and kind of feel stupid for overreacting and feeling like I couldn’t tell anyone due to fear of being laughed at.  I mean, you can achieve anything you want to in life, if you have a silly dream or aspiration then just do it, because I am pretty sure if you let the opportunity pass, you'll really kick yourself! Actually, after writing this post I feel better about this opportunity, it’s not something that comes your way every day and I don’t see the big deal I made out of wanting to tell my family but feeling too stupid. In conclusion, if you want to travel the moon then start building your ladder now – you WILL make it! I hope you haven't washed away in this ghastly weather, roll on the summer time!

As always you can comment below, or drop me a tweet @SamSquireBlog. You can now discuss the blog on Twitter giving me tips and requests for posts using the unique hashtag on each post. To chat use #SSDreams