A bit of a lather

A few weeks ago you might have seen my blog post on the Swagger & Jacks beard oil that I was sent. Unfortunately it was something I couldn't review due to my lack of beard so they dropped me a line again and asked if they could send me a box of their other products to check out and review, I thought I would do it bit by bit so I don't have a blog post that takes a few years to read.

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The Award Goes To...

Soo a slight change from the scheduled blog post (it'll be live tomorrow) - I had some awesome news today, the awesome folk over at GroomU (check them out) dropped me a tweet and an email to tell me that I have been shortlisted for a 'Best Newcomer' blogging award. Pretty snazzy, correct?

I am really flattered, the fact that me and my silly little thoughts that I type down might actually win an award is pretty blummin' crazy. 

So, this is the time when I need y'all most! Voting closes on 25th April and I would absolutely adore you if you vote for me. If you love checking out my blog, follow me on twitter or are just a crazy human that got lost on the internet and ended up here, yes, you too - I am begging for you to go and drop me a vote. It takes simply a second of your time to vote and can be done on Twitter or Facebook, so even important people like David Cameron, The Queen and Katie Hopkins can cast a vote! I have left a link below for you to click, it takes you straight to the voting page. Please when you have voted drop a comment below or drop me a Tweet @ImSamSquire so I can personally thank you.