So I make no secret of being a huge fan of M&S, especially when it comes to top model David Gandy’s Autograph collection, so it’s probably no surprise that the guys over at M&S outfitted me for the summer again this year.

M&S David Gandy for Autograph | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion & Lifestyle blogger

This year’s Gandy For Autograph range is easily the best yet, with a really heavy mediterranean feel flowing through the whole collection. I took to the seas here in the beautiful island of Menorca in a private chartered yacht to explore some of the most beautiful hidden beaches, my Gandy for Autograph blue tailored swim shorts were the obvious choice for a day out on the sea, because not only do they look awesome with a nautical themed stripe, but they’re also really quick drying which is great when you’re jumping off the boat, because you won't be soggy for the rest of the day! They also come with a handy little bag to pop them in when you take them off, so you don’t get the contents of your bag covered in salt. I’d say these are a bit of a steal at £25, tailored shorts are so popular right now, and so many brands are happy to rip you off for them, with M&S you can grab them at a great price, and talking from experience, you’re going to be really chuffed with the quality!

I paired the shorts with my Gandy for Autograph flip flops, but took them off to walk around on deck, the shoes from the collection are all really cool, featuring a printed chevron type pattern, they’re worth checking out!

M&S David Gandy for Autograph | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion & lifestyle blogger

I didn't wear a t-shirt the whole time because no-one wants a t-shirt tan, but when the sun got a bit too hot and started to turn me a nice light shade of lobster, I slipped on my tee. The Gandy for Autograph Stay Soft Crew Neck tee is amazing when in sunny climes like the 30+ degrees that I was in, it’s possibly the softest, stretchiest and most comfortable tee I have ever worn, it’s £15 from M&S which I would say is about average for the cost of a tee, but it’s more than worth it, it’s great for keeping you at a comfortable temperature!

M&S David Gandy for Autograph | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion & lifestyle blog

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a massive fan of the feeling of salt water when it starts to dry on your skin, so after getting a quick shower on the back deck of the yacht I grabbed my huge beach towel from the Gandy for Autograph collection this £25 cotton monster is more than value for money, I’m a bit over 6 foot tall and can easily lay out on this towel without overhanging, it’s really soft and dries you within minutes, it looks great too, adopting the chevron style patterning from the footwear.


Okay, so now you’ve seen some of the amazing Gandy for Autograph summer 2016 collection, it’s time to buy some yourself, but don’t worry about having to spend you hard-earned cash, I’m giving one lucky reader £250 to spend at M&S to help you get ready for your summer hols. All you need to do is enter below for your chance to win a £250 M&S gift card!

Cocktail Club: Bloody Jack

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So the other day I picked up the brand new GoPro Hero. If you don’t know much about GoPro then you wont be aware that they have just changed their line up to supply different models for different price ranges. Here’s just a quick overview of the camera, it’ll be involved in a huge new summer blog segment I have coming up that you definitely don't want to miss!

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Olly's Style - Colour Blocking

Olly Murs certainly gets my style approval, the 30 year old singer and TV personality definitely knows how to rock a blazer and shirt proving that you don’t have to be scruffy to be comfy. Most recently he’s taken to a super on-trend style, colour blocking. Here’s my top three current favourite colour blocked items available on the high street so you can steal Olly’s super trendy style. 

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It’s the beat say of the week - welcome to Saturday!! So the awesome folk over at Jack Daniels got in touch and asked if I would work with them to make some awesome and unique content to go along with my Cocktail Club series - of course I said yes and so they sent me to British supermarket Tesco along with a bundle of cash to pick up loads of supplies. 

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I definitely think shades are one of the most important things for the summer. Not only to protect your peepers but also to style up your outfit and go all out for the summer - here I have picked my top 4 (because who needs 5?!) summer shades that you definitely want to be rocking this summer, be it chilling by the pool, checking out the amazing scenery or laid on the beach!

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Bags of Style

Everyone needs a bag, whether it’s a snazzy backpack to keep snacks for workaholics or a posh holdall for the clothes first class travellers we all have something to keep in a bag. Not only that, they are a fantastic stylish accessory that any busy being should own. Check out my style guide to which bag is best for your different stylish requirements. 

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To Beard or Not To Beard

Newsflash, if you haven’t noticed there’s quire a few guys walking around with beards. That’s because these face-tickling food traps are back in fashion - however, the big question on everyones lips right now is (no, not Labour or Conservative…) to grow a beard or look like a 10 year old forever…well, beards don’t suit everyone so to give you a little food for thought (not the type of food you find in your beard a few weeks later 😷) I have compiled a list of celeb Top Beards and Chop Beards for your viewing pleasure. 

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