Flying Solo on V Day

Flowers everywhere with gut-churning gooey eyes roaming the streets…it must be Valentine’s Day again. Don’t worry chaps, if you’re flying solo…I’ve got you covered - these top 5 tips will ensure you a have a pretty bloody epic day all to yourself with no disruption…Happy V Day, bro 👊🏼

1. Hit the gym

Nothing beats a good work out…Valentine’s Day can stick it because nothing can come between you and your fitness. Head down to your local gym and work out a muscle group, heck go get a nice fresh juice after because today is ruled by you.

2. Take it away

No-one wants to be sat in a restaurant of couples on a day like V-Day, that’s exactly what take out food is made for, Curry, Chinese, Thai, Pizza…you can have whichever you want, actually sod it - have them all, today is about YOU. 

3. Grab the lads

Get your best single mates over and get a few tins in, turn your living room into the ultimate lad pad with the best food, the best drinks and some wicked films - Palentine’s Day is all about spending time with your best pals after all, correcto?

4. Chill out

If you’re not fancying a busy one, treat yourself to a day away at a spa, there’s nothing more blokey than a spa, mate…nice massage, chill in the sauna! Plus you’ll feel so zen once you come out, you wont even need love. Bloody win-win right there. 

5. Netflix & Chill

Who said you can’t Netflix & Chill on your own? Grab yourself an awesome box set and veg right out - Making a Murderer is pretty big right now, the full season is 10 hours long so by the time it’s finished the lovin’ will be done for another year.

Just call me cupid.

I've Been Framed

I have to wear glasses all day every day, when I was younger it used to wear pretty thin, I couldn't wear the sunglasses everyone else had and quite frankly, a looked like a rip-off Harry Potter…those round wire glasses were the story of my childhood, I got my first pair aged four…I was literally walking in to things before, my parents didn't know if I was blind or just plain thick…no need to comment on that one.

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Cocktail Club : Black Rider

It’s Saturday and if you don’t know what that means by now then hand your head in shame! It’s another instalment of the Cocktail Club and this weeks didn't quite go to plan when I created and shot it. I found a recipe and had all the gubbins to make it…however the recipe was in Spanish…I speak good vacation Spanish - alcohol Spanish could do with some improvement. Basically, long story short, I had zero clue what the heck I was doing and ended up making a really strong drink (it burned to the soul. For real.) Don't feat, I have got all the correct measurements and adapted it slightly below for you to try out!

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Cocktail Club: The Squire Screwdriver

The Cocktail Club took a quick break last week for my trip into the city but as promised, it’s back! I have had a bit of a cold lately and have been chugging OJ like there’s no tomorrow, it’s definitely fuelled my love for orange drinks so thought this week i’d give the ever-popular Screwdriver a go but give my own little twist on it. 

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Wear It Right: The Stripe

So SS15 see’s the stripe becoming a staple part of every well dressed guy’s wardrobe - there’s so many ways to wear stripes to get yourself a super suave look this Spring through Summer so I thought I would give you a little guidance as to what to buy because heck, it can be hard to pick!!

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A bit of a lather

A few weeks ago you might have seen my blog post on the Swagger & Jacks beard oil that I was sent. Unfortunately it was something I couldn't review due to my lack of beard so they dropped me a line again and asked if they could send me a box of their other products to check out and review, I thought I would do it bit by bit so I don't have a blog post that takes a few years to read.

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Steal His Style: Oliver Cheshire

With double breasted jackets becoming more and more in demand, possibly the most stylish guy in the world, Oliver Cheshire was of course seen donning a blue double breasted suit a couple of months ago at an event. The vibrant colour is brave, I don't think I could ever personally pull off a coloured suit but on Oliver it looks sharp, dapper and ridiculously on trend. In this post I am giving you a few options to get his red carpet style from the high street!

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DIY Style: The 10 Min Jean Short

So I was cleaning out my room when I came across some tatty old jeans. They are the fit I love but I couldn't wear them out and about because they have gotten so battered over the years. I found that last summer I was desperately looking for some skinny jean shorts but couldn't actually find what I had in my head.

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