The Shearling

Brass monkeys more than describes the last couple of days, it’s been ridiculously cold right across the country and wrapping up has been a must…or just staying in doors and eating cake till 9pm 🙄

I have wanted a shearling coat for ages now, something warm and casual that I can chuck on over a jumper or shirt and a pair of jeans. Shearling is great for styling up or down so it’s definitely a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.

ASOS Shearling Jacket | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I hadn't found the right one, I knew exactly what I was looking for as I had a really particular style in mind. When browsing ASOS one day I found the exact jacket I had been looking for, slim fitting and plain on the outside with a soft tan colour, and super fluffy on the inside to keep me warm.

ASOS Shearling Jacket | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I have to say I am actually really impressed with just how fluffy it is inside! Often brands will just put a little bit of fur lining round the cuffs, ASOS have packed this bad boy full of the stuff, right up the sleeves and all inside the body, it’s super warm and really comfortable. It’s super thick and is perfect for this time of the year, especially on these ultra frosty mornings!

ASOS Shearling | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I paired the jacket with a simple pair of Topman spray-on skinny jeans in black, some Nike Stefan Janoski’s in khaki and my gradient blue to grey M&S jumper from their always-stylish Autograph collection.

The Honest Blogger

The term ‘Influencer’ is thrown around so easily and in my opinion…I hate it. Influencer seems too much like you’re getting your moneys worth out of a reader that is browsing your heavily sponsored content, after all, influencer, in marketing speak means ‘a person or group that has the ability to influence the behaviour or opinions of others’ which to me is a little bit tacky. I myself am a blogger and content creator…nothing I do is trying to influence readers and quite frankly my blog doesn't often pay me at all.

With influence comes value and with some brands paying tens of thousands to ‘big influencers’ to simply snap an Instagram picture with their product, it’s no wonder so many bloggers are trying to gain influencer status.

Unfortunately, I believe this is where the true value of bloggers is lost and it’s all down to one word…bots.

Sadly platforms such as Instagram are yet to block bots from liking and commenting on pictures on a user's behalf. If you’re not familiar with a bot, put simply you can ask it to like all photos that are published with certain hashtags. Some ‘influencers’ use this to its full potential, growing their audience by liking all manner of pictures (seriously, from sausages to knitting, it's pretty laughable), all because they might feature a hashtag such as #lifestyle or #mensstyle. It’s such a poor way of running a social media account and shows lack of understanding of best practice, sadly for the honest blogger it means some colleagues are commanding high prices for sponsored work…all because their sly social tactics have gained them 40k followers.

It’s a riddle to me how brands don’t work this out, picking an influencer that has gained 30,000 followers that are of no worth whatsoever is surely worse than working with a content creator that has 1,000 followers that engage regularly? It will ensure better ROI, better impact and importantly, better engagement rates. It’s a real shame that brands see numbers as the way forward when true, engaging content is what the internet is craving right now…it’s about time brands started to look a little deeper at how many influencers use these techniques to gain followers,   and also to have a little browse of the account before sending the collaboration email.

On the most part, the blogging community is made up of honest, creative and individual creators, something I love to see as a creator myself. Sadly the industry is so overrun with people wanting to get rich quick, get a verified social media account and have their 15 minutes of fame that they don’t focus on the now.

This isn't me slating, people do what they’ve got to do and I have no qualms with people making money off their blogs, I myself have been paid for content…not that it blurs my views or opinions because as you’ll know if you read the blog regularly, my honesty is pretty clear (not going to apologise). I just wish some creators were more honest, with some, I feel like we see so much of what they’re paid to do and say that we’ve lost the true person behind the account. That’s such a shame to me.

#THREE - Everyday Essentials

If you checked out my last blog post you’ll know this is part 2 of a series of three blogs. I have teamed up with Topman for a series of three very cool and very different outfit shoots, all to celebrate the THIRD birthday of my blog! So crazy, can’t believe I have been blogging for three years now!

Today’s look is super casual, comfortable and very much the kind of look I am wearing all the time right now. I’m definitely not one of those bloggers that tries to look dapper 24/7, I am all about comfort, suits all day every day just aren't my thing!

First up is my new coat, I love this thing, it’s a hybrid between a smart coat and a bomber jacket. This longline bomber might just be my new favourite autumnal wardrobe essential, it is a wool blend so great for keeping you a bit warmer on those chilly autumn mornings. I think it looks really great, it’s got a great fit and works really well with casual and smart, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a coat that can do it all! One of the best things is that it is currently on offer, down from £95 to £75…definitely worth taking advantage of! Check it out here

Sam Squire | Topman | UK male fashion blogger @imsamsquire

Next up, for the past year or so, panel tees have been really popular. I love panel t-shirts but haven't been able to find ‘the one’ just yet, that was of course until Topman hit me up with this blue & white slim-fit tee. I wear it loads, and actually to share a little secret, after receiving it in the mail, I went out and bought it in other colours, too! It’s one of those great tees you can just chuck on under a jacket, definitely a wardrobe staple to use all year round! These panel tees are super cheap, too at just £12 each, check this one out here

Sam Squire | Topman | UK male fashion blogger @imsamsquire

Jeans-wise, I opted for my trusty new stretch skinny jeans that I featured in the last blog post, these £38 black jeans have quickly found themselves a top space in my wardrobe. I love a black pair of jeans for everyday wear so these are great, plus they’re comfortable and don’t feel too tight whilst obviously still being well fit to your legs. You can check these out here

Sam Squire | Topman | UK male fashion blogger @imsamsquire

When it comes to shoes, this time of year you want something you can trust, nothing canvas that’ll get wet and no unprotected suede that’ll get ruined. I opted for these black plimsol inspired shoes which are great for damp mornings as they’ll help to stop you getting wet socks (man that’s a gross feeling!), Topman have some great own-branded shoes at the minute, these sneaks are a real bargain too, you can bag these ones for £26, whilst they are a faux leather, they feel like pretty good quality and will last you for seasons to come! Take a look at them here.

What do you think of my chilled look…and what will you be wearing this season, don’t forget to let me know for your chance to win £100 to spend at Topman!! Click here to check out my epic giveaway! 

Top Track: Leah McFall

This week’s Top Track comes from The Voice UK alumni and’s protege, Leah McFall. The indie artist released her debut ‘Wolf Den’ across the internet and really shows off the stylish 27-year old’s insane set of lungs and quirky style in the song and the accompanying video.

Give it a listen in the Apple Music play box below…it certainly deserves some good radio airtime!

I’d recommend giving it a go, Leah's got a really unique style, and Wolf Den definitely sounds like the sort of music that goes along with a film, definitely got a great sound to it! You can also check out the video, here!

An Autumnal Affair

Can you believe how quickly autumn has crept up on us? Honestly, it feels like spring was just a few weeks ago, and this up and down weather certainly doesn't help when deciding what to wear for the day. I tend to update my wardrobe with some key pieces each season to make sure that I have all the latest trends to mix and match throughout the season.

Samsoe Samsoe | John Lewis | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

This autumn I have been checking out John Lewis, I am sure I don’t need to do any introduction for the UK’s most famous department store, but I have been seriously impressed by the effort they have put into their menswear collections, adding new brands and making sure they’re on the very top of the seasonal trends.

One of their latest additions comes in the form of Scandinavian brand Samsøe & Samsøe. The luxury brand offers some chunky knit jumpers, smart-casual shirts and easy to wear jackets make for a fantastically versatile collection, I especially like the Shields Jacket, a black jacket with really cool gold zip detailing. It’s the type of jacket that you could wear during the day for a really casual look, or dress up with a shirt and smart shoes in the evening for a comfortable yet smart night out.

Samsoe Samsoe | John Lewis | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger
Samsoe Samsoe | John Lewis | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

The fall collection is perfect for updating your wardrobe, with lots of earthy, neutral tones that you’ll definitely want to wrap up in as the cooler mornings - I love a flannel shirt, their Liam flannel shirt comes in a pearl blue colour, a great colour for layering, like the Kronos crew, team these with a pair of black jeans and some Chelsea style boots and you’ve got yourself a really good look.

I’ve got to say I am really impressed with John Lewis, they’ve got a great collection together with Samsøe & Samsøe and I’ll certainly be picking myself up some items from the collection if you want to shop the full range, click here and take a look! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Beautiful Balearics

Second blog of the week…that’s some pretty bloody good going in my books! It’s Thursday and I’m wishing I was abroad enjoying some more sun right now…so I am throwing it back to a couple of months back when I was living it up on the stunning isle of Menorca! I wanted to make full use of my snazzy new look blog with the edge to edge images and brighter, bigger pictures so I thought I’d share a little picture diary of some of the places I visited and a couple of recommendations of what to do if you find yourself on this beautiful balearic island!

Things to do...

  • Visit the Cap D’Artrux lighthouse for the most amazing sunset on the island
  • Take a chartered yacht around the secluded virgin beaches such as Cala Macarelleta
  • Take a trip in to Cuitadella, the historic city has stunning winding backstreets!
  • Visit Fornells, it has a pretty harbour and some stunning little restaurants overlooking the water!
  • Take a trip to the beach, I would recommend Arenal de Castell, it’s a big sandy beach and doesn't get too busy

There's so much to see and do in Menorca, you just need to fully immerse yourself in what the island has to offer!

Sporty Squire

Introducing a sporty element to your look is increasingly popular at the moment and whether going for a complete sport luxe look or just adding some small elements to your day-to-day look there’s plenty you can do to style up one of the latest trends.

A couple of weeks ago the guys over at Jacamo got in touch to ask if they could send me some stuff. They gave me a few different style to pick from and I decided to hit up their gym wear section of their website to see what items I could pull for a cool hybrid look.

Sam Squire | UK Men's fashion & lifestyle blogger | Jacamo Menswear

I put together this mixed look combining my usual day-to-day look of black jeans and a pair of sneakers, I added the teal Adidas t-shirt that Jacamo sent and also thought I would style it up with a pair of Ray Ban sunnies and a snapback.

Sam Squire UK Men's fashion & lifestyle blogger | Jacamo Menswear

I think the look works really well and I don’t often wear a coloured t-shirt so it’s definitely nice for a change! You can pick the tee up from Jacamo for £25, just click here.

#THISISSUMMER: The Stylish Tourist (spon)

Hola from a very sunny and beautiful Menorca!

I recently got talking to the guys over at Pull & Bear about my summer campaign #THISISSUMMER, and they asked me if they could become part of the campaign in a summery shoot. The beautiful city down the road from our villa just fit the shoot perfectly, and it allowed me to become a total tourist and snap a few pics of the buildings etc, too!

Pull & Bear | Men's summer style | Mens fashion bloggers Sam Squire

I styled up the outfit with a few additions to give it that tourist edge, there’s so much to see and loads of little side streets to mooch down in the city so I made sure to take full advantage!

Pull & Bear hit me up with a few items to pick from, but for this outfit, as we were also going for a meal out, I wanted to pick something that would work both out and about sightseeing and also be fitting for a nice meal on the marina.

pull & bear menswear | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I am a pretty big fan of the ripped jean look, so I opted for some ripped denim shorts from Pull & Bear, as you’ll probably gather from past blog posts, I am a fan of black especially when it comes to jeans or shorts, so these are pretty perfect for me. They came with a drawstring through them but I wasn't much of a fan of how they looked with it so I snipped it out. You can pick these up in grey (which I will probably pick up, too!) and they’re a complete bargain right now for £12.99! I personally am super impressed with the quality of the denim, it’s even comfortable in the heat. You can pick these up here.

Pull & Bear Menswear | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Now, I don’t usually wear much colour at all, monochrome is definitely what I tend to opt for…however the guys at Pull & Bear sent me a pink tee and actually I don’t think it looks too bad! It’s got a dipped hem at the back and is a great comfortable tee, it isn't too slim fit so it won't be getting all up on your body when you’re warm! Also, I was pretty impressed at how lightweight it is, there’s nothing worse than getting all sweaty in a thick, slim fit tee! You can pick up this tee in Rose Pink or Sky Blue, great for those pastel trends. It’s a pretty reasonable £7.99 and can be picked up here.

I teamed up the outfit with my Moonrock Yeezy Boost 350s as I wanted my feet to feel comfortable walking around the city. I also wore my Apple Watch, which I am rarely found without, a beige suede snapback which really compliments the tee, my mirrored Ray-Ban Clubmasters and my leather backpack which is just the right size to carry my life in!

Steal his style…Oliver Cheshire round 2

So, these posts are back by popular demand, I am often getting messages asking if I can show you how to steal a dapper dude’s style so here we go! One of the top posts from the last run of these style stealing blogs was of course featuring the king of style, Oliver Cheshire, so I thought what better way to kick off round 2 of Steal his style than with the man himself.

Oliver Cheshire | Sam Squire Uk male fashion blogger

Oliver is known for being the face of Autograph over at M&S…as well as owning the world’s most famous cheekbones. Today I’m going to show you how you can steal his look from the InStyle EE BAFTA party…and how to do it for under £75!

So, Oliver’s look is a really chilled smart-casual look and whilst relatively simple, he looks really slick. For the jacket I would recommend this Pull&Bear faux leather jacket available for less than £40 from ASOS, genuine leather can be a bit pricey so this is great for achieving the look on a budget.

Oliver Cheshire Style | Zara Menswear | Sam Squire Uk male blogger

White trousers are becoming increasingly popular and a fashion staple on the red carpet. They’re great to use with a pop of colour like Oliver has with the top he’s wearing. For the trousers I’d highly recommend checking our Zara, they have a huge range of white trousers - I reckon these casual white chinos are a great addition to the outfit, plus at £29.99 they’re a steal, too!

Oliver Cheshire style | Boohoo menswear | Sam Squire uk male blogger

If ever I'm looking for some quality clothing that’s a total bargain, I always head straight to boohoo. That’s exactly what I’ve done to find a red tee for this look…and they didn't disappoint! Whether you want a crew neck, v neck, super-deep v neck to show off those gains…serious they have a whole bunch! I opted for the slim fit crew neck tee - it costs 5 quid which is ridiculously cheap and is just the right shade of red for the look, you don't want anything too bright!

So, team this with a pair of black brogues or boots and you’ve got yourself a super dapper red carpet ready look just like Oliver himself…all for less than £80, you’re very welcome lads!

Who do you want to steal the style of next time? Drop a comment below and let me know!

Say it with a Letterbox Gift!

So something new dropped through the door this week from a company called Letterbox Gifts - they’re actually a pretty awesome company and I love the concept of what they do. | Gift ideas for men | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

You head to their website and pick the gift you want to send someone - these are all set up in boxes that can be posted…because missing a parcel delivery is possibly the most irritating thing on earth! So, there’s a few different boxes you can pick from including the Mother’s Day box, The Tea box and The Signature box, the one I received was The Gentleman’s Box.

The quality of gifts inside is nice, it’s like a little hamper of quality products for men. So, what do you get> Let have a little looky, ey... | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Betty & Dodge – English Oak ‘Man Cave’ Key Ring.
Bath House – Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar.
Men’s Society – Handsome Hand Cream.
Willie’s Cacao – Colombian Gold Chocolate Bar.
Fellows Essential Gentleman – Autumn Warmth Beard Oil.

It’s a nice little collection of stuff and it’s all quite traditional and rustic looking. It’s great for a little birthday gift for the man who has everything. The great thing with the service is that you can also have a custom printed message sent to the recipient - this box itself costs £23.95, I’d say that’s a relatively fair amount for the quality of the products that the box contains. | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Okay, so my reviews are always honest and there’s a little something I picked up on which I’m not a fan of - the Bath House Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar smells great and is a weighty piece of soap…however, on the ingredients section of the bar it clearly says that the product is not suitable for use by nut allergy sufferers. I myself am horribly allergic to nuts and wouldn't have thought twice about using it as you wouldn't expect a bar of soap to carry a warning like that. I personally would like to see this detailed on as you probably don't want to really be sending someone a product that could give them an allergic reaction!

Today’s blog photo’s were taken on the Canon G7 X - a super-powerful point-and-shoot! Click here to buy it from Currys!