Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Review

I recently received an email from the folks over at Hyundai asking if they could send me a car to test out for a week. My week with the IONIQ has just come to an end so I thought I’d get a post together letting you know the good and bad of Hyundai’s new hybrid model.

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Summer Vibes

I’m currently on a plane on the way home from two epic weeks in the sun in Portugal, if you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking it out, we stayed in a pretty coastal town and the beaches and coastline were incredible....

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#THREE - Everyday Essentials

If you checked out my last blog post you’ll know this is part 2 of a series of three blogs. I have teamed up with Topman for a series of three very cool and very different outfit shoots, all to celebrate the THIRD birthday of my blog! So crazy, can’t believe I have been blogging for three years now!

Today’s look is super casual, comfortable and very much the kind of look I am wearing all the time right now. I’m definitely not one of those bloggers that tries to look dapper 24/7, I am all about comfort, suits all day every day just aren't my thing!

First up is my new coat, I love this thing, it’s a hybrid between a smart coat and a bomber jacket. This longline bomber might just be my new favourite autumnal wardrobe essential, it is a wool blend so great for keeping you a bit warmer on those chilly autumn mornings. I think it looks really great, it’s got a great fit and works really well with casual and smart, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a coat that can do it all! One of the best things is that it is currently on offer, down from £95 to £75…definitely worth taking advantage of! Check it out here

Sam Squire | Topman | UK male fashion blogger @imsamsquire

Next up, for the past year or so, panel tees have been really popular. I love panel t-shirts but haven't been able to find ‘the one’ just yet, that was of course until Topman hit me up with this blue & white slim-fit tee. I wear it loads, and actually to share a little secret, after receiving it in the mail, I went out and bought it in other colours, too! It’s one of those great tees you can just chuck on under a jacket, definitely a wardrobe staple to use all year round! These panel tees are super cheap, too at just £12 each, check this one out here

Sam Squire | Topman | UK male fashion blogger @imsamsquire

Jeans-wise, I opted for my trusty new stretch skinny jeans that I featured in the last blog post, these £38 black jeans have quickly found themselves a top space in my wardrobe. I love a black pair of jeans for everyday wear so these are great, plus they’re comfortable and don’t feel too tight whilst obviously still being well fit to your legs. You can check these out here

Sam Squire | Topman | UK male fashion blogger @imsamsquire

When it comes to shoes, this time of year you want something you can trust, nothing canvas that’ll get wet and no unprotected suede that’ll get ruined. I opted for these black plimsol inspired shoes which are great for damp mornings as they’ll help to stop you getting wet socks (man that’s a gross feeling!), Topman have some great own-branded shoes at the minute, these sneaks are a real bargain too, you can bag these ones for £26, whilst they are a faux leather, they feel like pretty good quality and will last you for seasons to come! Take a look at them here.

What do you think of my chilled look…and what will you be wearing this season, don’t forget to let me know for your chance to win £100 to spend at Topman!! Click here to check out my epic giveaway! 

Men's Guide to Autumn Fitness

Men's lifestyle writer, Peter Minkoff guest writes on everything a men needs to ensure his Autumn fitness routines are the very best!

A man’s body is highly responsive to the outside conditions, which means that training in different seasons affects our organism differently. Therefore, in order to stay healthy and improve our bodies, we need to adapt to this new set of circumstances. This means that, when the autumn arrives, we need to adjust our exercises, our diet and even our training clothes to it. Here are a few tips and tricks about autumn fitness that I managed to pick up over the course of years.
Taking Advantage of the Weather

Men's Autumn Fitness routine | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about autumn fitness is a morning beach workout. You don’t need gym machines for a quality strength training and you can do squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups and scissor kicks literally anywhere. Seeing how the summer is already gone, not a lot of people will be on the beach, which leaves you with a unique opportunity to find solitude and dazzling landscape in one place. Whenever it’s not raining, you can always go jogging, walking and hiking as a form of cardio and discover something new about your city along the way.

Autumn Fitness | Men's Fitness | Sam Squire UK Male fashion Blogger

Outdoor Group Activities
One of the greatest advantages that the autumn holds over the summer is that the weather is overall better for outdoor activities. If for example, you wanted to play touch football in the park with your friends, you would either have to get up early in the morning or wait for the sun to come down. Needless to say, in the autumn, you don’t have to worry about this. As a cardio, it’s irreplaceable, seeing how it is extremely physically arduous Also it’s infinitely more interesting than running or cycling. On top of it all, you get to socialize with people. A clear and undeniable win-win scenario.  

Seasonal Diet
Training properly means that you will go through your food reserves quite quickly. Replenishing them takes proper nutrition and supplementation. On the other hand, sometimes, you get the opportunity to join these two in a single meal, which often turns out for the best. My personal autumn favorite is a smoothie with rice protein powder. Seeing how rice is already highly nutritious, protein powder is not there to complement, but only to enhance its effect.
In 2016, with modern greenhouses and import/export policies, we can basically eat apples, oranges and tomatoes anywhere in the world, all year-round. However, our biology simply can’t keep up with this rapid agricultural progress, which means that our body knows the difference between what’s in season and what’s not. Personally, during the autumn season, I try to eat pumpkins and squash seeds as much as possible. Apart from my personal preference, pumpkin flesh is filled with carotenoids that have a strong anti-ageing property. The most important thing, however, is that according to the Middlesex University research, the enzymes in pumpkin seeds may also reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Autumn Workout Clothes
Another thing you need to worry about during the autumn is what to wear during your workout. Putting on too much can restrict your movement and make you overheat while wearing too little can make you freeze, which is again a hazard for your health. This is why you need to dress in layers, which will allow you to prepare properly for any situation.

As a season, the autumn is quite good for athletic endeavors. What more can you ask for than moderate temperatures, seasonal food diversity, and landscapes that seem purpose-built to draw you outdoors to exercise? All in all, those willing and ready to nurture their physical side during this part of the year, have all the conditions to do so efficiently. They only need to learn how.

Why I gave up wet shaving!

I’m often asked for advice and comment from readers as well as different publications that want my input. Recently I had an email from a reader that asked about shaving and what I recommend when wet shaving. It was then that I started to change how I shave.

I probably have to shave around three times a week, and as I have mentioned in a few other blog posts, I have quite sensitive skin meaning I need to be careful what I use, as well and when and how it’s used.

Philips OneBlade Pro Review | Sam Squire uK Male fashion blogger

I was always big on wet shaving, I like to be clean shaven at all times as it just suits me better. I started to find that actually, wet shaving wasn't working for my skin, I have a shelf full of products I have tried but for whatever reason, I was always getting cuts, irritation or breakouts from it so a couple of months’ ago I decided to pack it in altogether.

Now, I never tend to react much to marketing, however, when I saw Philips advertising their new OneBlade on Facebook I really took note of what they were saying. It’s marketed as a new way to trim, edge and shave…both wet and dry. It doesn't look like a foil razor, and it doesn't look like a standard wet shave razor…it looked completely different and I thought it was worth a try.

Philips OneBlade Pro Review | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

I did my research before buying and Philips really seemed to go on a sponsored post offensive to get the product out there, when I fished my way through the ‘I’m paid to say this is fantastic’ posts, I found one of a normal guy trying it out, the results were really impressive!

I opted for the OneBlade Pro - this comes with a slightly different body, a 14-length cutter guide a battery indicator light and the 4-month replaceable blade.

So how have I got on? I don’t tend to use the cutter guide as I like a shave to be as close as possible, and I have to say I have found it quite impressive, it cuts really close using a blade that slices at a ridiculously fast speed, meaning no hairs are missed. The double-edged blade means whether going up or down, you’ll be cutting the hair in both directions.

You can use this wet or dry, as I don’t wet shave anymore, I have found that even just dry shaving with this gives you a really close shave and leaves you feeling smooth. it charges quick and I have been getting around a month’s charge out of it, which is pretty impressive! Overall, I am really impressed, I think I paid under £50 for this in Boots (click here to buy), I love the fact you only need to buy a new blade every 4 months which really helps to cut the cost of your shave.

If you’re unsure of what shave would suit you best, I’d recommend the OneBlade, that way whether it’s wet or dry, you’ll be able to use it to suit you in the best possible way! For more info on OneBlade, click here to check out the Philips website!

Neutral Tones


I don’t know about you guys but that extra lay in this weekend has worked wonders. I feel like a new man! So, the weather this Bank Holiday weekend has been phenom, so warm and super sunny! Summer feels like it’s on its way which gave me the opportunity to get out and shoot some new blog pics, I’ve taken a couple of weeks off just simply because I have a few projects being worked on which I’ll share with you soon and I needed to give them all my focus!

If you know a bit about style, you’ll know how crazy crazy popular neutral tones are right now. Beige, cream, khaki…loads of earthy tones and neutral shades are exactly what you want in your outfit, and one place that has them in abundance is Topman!

Topman Neutral hoodie | Neutral trend | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I picked up this cool neutral Sand Hoodie from Topman, it’s got a really nice slouchy fit and is perfect for this super-hot trend. Speaking of super-hot…you’ll stay super cool in this hoodie this spring summer season because it’s actually really thin and light! I was pretty surprised when I first put it on, as it seemed like a pretty substantial hoodie, not something I would tend to buy this time of year due to the warmer days!

Topman Neutral hoodie | Neutral trend | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I reckon this should be a piece you pack for your holidays, if it chills off in the evenings chuck this bad boy on, not only will it keep you warm, but it will also show off your killer tan. I picked this up for a pretty reasonable £25, which I really don’t think is too bad at all for such a key wardrobe piece! You can click here to check it out!

Topman Neutral hoodie | Neutral trend | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I didn't want to go too over board with the neutrals, hence pairing it with some black Topman spray on skinny jeans, which if you read my blog often, you’ll know these are all I wear! They’ve got so many awesome styles within the spray on skinny category, worth checking out here. I was also going to wear my Yeezy Oxford Tans but they looked a bit too matchy with the hoodie, and the whole thing just didn't really work. Instead I’ve got my khaki Nike Stefan Janoski sneakers on, which I wrote about a few weeks back, they’re seriously comfortable!

What’s your summer style staple? Let me know in the comments below! ✌🏼

New Kicks

I don’t know about you guys, but I am all about this weather today…the sun is out, the shorts are on and I am loving life! Cast your minds back to a few weeks ago, you might remember if you follow me on social media that I took a weekend trip to Center Parcs…that place is damn magic, love it! Whilst I was there I took the opportunity to show off my latest sneaks!

I love the khaki look right now, it’s super cool and just totally what I have been rocking lately - so much so that if I wanted to, I could probably wear khaki head-to-toe…but don’t fear, I won’t!

Nike Stefan Janoski | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

I recently treated myself to some new kicks - this time they are from the Nike SB range. Clearly, a skateboarder I am not, however I saw these Khaki Stefan Janoski Max sneaks and had to have them..of course, because they’re khaki!

I picked these up for retail (£90) from Schuh - they are my current favourites from my shoe closet, so much so that I might just have to go and get myself some of the other colour ways that are in the collection!

If you wan’t to see more shoes I am loving right now…check out this video!

Taking Cambridge

So yesterday I headed to Cambridge with my family to surprise my sister for her Birthday and it went SO well…she didn't have a clue 🎉

Topman, Mango, River Island, Dune, Sam squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

For me, it was my first time in Cambridge, it so lovely it’s like some next-level Harry Potter set, seriously cool and a great place to walk around - we would have gone punting down the river but the Great British weather let us down so it wasn't really worth it. Anyway in true blogger form, I took the opportunity to get some outfit shots for today’s blog post.

Rather than lugging all my full SLR camera kit around with me, in my pocket I chucked my Canon G7X so I could just get some quick shots here and there, it definitely passed the test and I am more than impressed!

Topman, River Island, Dune, Mango | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion blogger

It was a pretty chilly day so I chucked on my warmest coat which is from River Island - I see quite a few guys wearing this, it’s sort of a bomber-shearling hybrid, it’s pretty cool and like I say, keeps you nice and warm. You can find all the different colourways of it by clicking here.

Next up, I love a shirt to team with a casual outfit, it’s great for spring because it offers you that element of warmth for when it’s chilly but also wont get you too stuffy either. The shirt I picked for this outfit is from H.E. by Mango - I actually picked this up when I was in Europe last year, due to the fact it’s a year or so old I don’t think Mango stock it right now - however, this one is a great match for it and will only set your back £36!

The jeans I am wearing are part of a new collaboration that’ll all become apparent in a couple of weeks. These are from…you guessed it, Topman and are the spray-on skinny fit - pretty much the only fit of jeans that I wear, baggy jeans on me just look absolutely ridiculous to be honest. They’ve got the ripped knee that I am loving right now and cost a pretty fair £40 - I always say that I am happy to buy Topman jeans for £40 because they last so long, always really impress me, check them out here!

Finally, the boots. Now a lot of guys have a defined style, they either rock boots or sneakers or brogues etc etc however my shoe wardrobe is full of all different styles of shoes from sneaks to brogues and everything in between. These boots are from Ask The Missus and I picked them up from my local Office store - they’re so comfortable that I am fully intending on buying all of the other colour variants that they stock - these are called the Blame Game Zip Boot and cost £74.99, I personally love the slouchy casual style of them.

What are your style choices this spring? Drop me a comment below or over on the following social media…

Wan’t to collaborate or send me something? Either get in touch or drop something over to my PO BOX: Sam Squire, PO BOX 10521, Seaford, NG34 4EQ