Say it with a Letterbox Gift!

So something new dropped through the door this week from a company called Letterbox Gifts - they’re actually a pretty awesome company and I love the concept of what they do. | Gift ideas for men | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

You head to their website and pick the gift you want to send someone - these are all set up in boxes that can be posted…because missing a parcel delivery is possibly the most irritating thing on earth! So, there’s a few different boxes you can pick from including the Mother’s Day box, The Tea box and The Signature box, the one I received was The Gentleman’s Box.

The quality of gifts inside is nice, it’s like a little hamper of quality products for men. So, what do you get> Let have a little looky, ey... | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Betty & Dodge – English Oak ‘Man Cave’ Key Ring.
Bath House – Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar.
Men’s Society – Handsome Hand Cream.
Willie’s Cacao – Colombian Gold Chocolate Bar.
Fellows Essential Gentleman – Autumn Warmth Beard Oil.

It’s a nice little collection of stuff and it’s all quite traditional and rustic looking. It’s great for a little birthday gift for the man who has everything. The great thing with the service is that you can also have a custom printed message sent to the recipient - this box itself costs £23.95, I’d say that’s a relatively fair amount for the quality of the products that the box contains. | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Okay, so my reviews are always honest and there’s a little something I picked up on which I’m not a fan of - the Bath House Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar smells great and is a weighty piece of soap…however, on the ingredients section of the bar it clearly says that the product is not suitable for use by nut allergy sufferers. I myself am horribly allergic to nuts and wouldn't have thought twice about using it as you wouldn't expect a bar of soap to carry a warning like that. I personally would like to see this detailed on as you probably don't want to really be sending someone a product that could give them an allergic reaction!

Today’s blog photo’s were taken on the Canon G7 X - a super-powerful point-and-shoot! Click here to buy it from Currys!

A bit of a lather

A few weeks ago you might have seen my blog post on the Swagger & Jacks beard oil that I was sent. Unfortunately it was something I couldn't review due to my lack of beard so they dropped me a line again and asked if they could send me a box of their other products to check out and review, I thought I would do it bit by bit so I don't have a blog post that takes a few years to read.

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My Jeans

A wise Twitter account once told me “A good pair of jeans will feel like they were made just for you.” - that Twitter account was, of course Topman UK…also known as the ruler of all things stylish (I’m sure I am just one below them on the top 100 rulers of style). 

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Being A Blogger - Part 1

So I am often approached online in emails, Tweets and Direct Messages asking about what I do and how I do it, how to be a better blogger and all sorts of stuff like that. I thought it was about time I shed a little light as to what I am about and give you a few tips in a new blog series - this one is just a little overview. I don't proclaim to be any kind of genius blogger, I am just me and I do what I do because I enjoy it and knowing I have a growing following that read and enjoy, well that makes it like 100x better!

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I Don't Have a Beard

Recently a Norwich Barbers called Swagger & Jacks got in touch because they wanted to send me something. I am always up for a product review so gave them my postal address that they can send products to! (If you ever want to hook me up - drop me a message for the address!)

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White Teeth Grow on Trees…

I doubt you need any introduction to Cocowhite - all the celebs (and myself) have been using it and sharing our views on Social Media and whilst I have been using it less than a week, I am ready to give my first thoughts. Make sure you read on to the end for a chance to WIN! (That’s a bit exciting…) 

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Well it’s finally here, the new site! I hope you love it, personally I think it looks great and I am super happy with it, the fading header image is everything I need in life!

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Nusound Acoustics Review

If my last blog post didn't get you feeling fit and healthy then it’s probably because it was lacking motivational music. Well if this post doesn't get you jumping up off the sofa and running round the room then, simply, you are the laziest person to roam the earth. Even I’m not sat down whilst writing this, I am of course on a treadmill…also known as a sofa. 

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UPDATED: Favourite New Store!

Back again, second blog post in 2 days…I am on a roll/have loads of content and not enough time!! Recently I got contacted by a relatively new men’s clothing brand called OPEN - to be honest I hadn't heard of them at all until they contacted and as you may know, I don’t just work with everyone that contacts me so I had a good look through their range and was seriously impressed!

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Awesome New Hair Thing!

Okay, so I promised a new blog post which, on the most part would mean you’re getting one - however if you’ve been following me for a while you will know how amazingly good I am at procrastinating…like Peter Andre would all it Insania….

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