My Skincare Routine

For around a year now I have sworn by Tom Ford’s grooming range, using multiple products on a daily basis. However, recently I found that for some reason my skin had changed and the products were leaving me feeling like a total oil slick - it was time for a change.

I put out a call on Twitter for suggestions and you guys came through! My mate, and fellow blogger Robbie suggested I gave Kiehl’s a try, after hearing him rave about them I thought it was time to give them a go and see how they work for me. I believe if you go into a Kiehl’s store you can get a full consultation in which they tell you what products you should use for your skin type. Sadly we don't have a Kiehl’s anywhere near where I live, so I thought I’d risk it and give a few products a try, I picked them all up from House of Fraser. I obviously love them, which is why I thought I would let you know which products I have been using over the past few weeks. Here’s how my current skincare routine stands…

Kiehl's enegrising face wash | mens grooming blogger

Step one

The first step goes one of two ways, either wash or scrub. Every other day I use a scub on my face to give it just a bit of a deeper clean, the rest of the week I use a daily wash. Currently the scrub I am using is the Kiehl’s Exfoliating Cleanser, it’s from their Age Defence range and gives you a ‘refreshed and younger looking appearance’ so I must look about 3 months old once I’ve used it. The wash I am using is from their Facial Fuel range - the Energising Face Wash is a gel cleanser that I tend to use in the mornings. It leaves you feeling fresh and ready to start the day, it also smells pretty good too!

Step two

After cleansing my face, I then use toner - currently I am using the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. I decided to choose the oil-free one as I have quite combination skin, so I didn’t want to end up with a mirror-like forehead from the oil. I’ve been really impressed with it, it leaves my face feeling tight and fresh.

Kiehl's Men's skincare | Sam Squire Blogger

Step three

Once the toner has dried nicely on my face I use the Eye Alert cream. it’s a really nice thick gel that helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles - it’s super refreshing, but I tend to only really use it in the mornings as I find it helps to wake me up a bit easier (only a bit). I also use the Facial Fuel No-Shine Lip Balm - it’s great for keeping your lips from drying out, but also won’t make it look like you’ve put lip gloss on, it’s also got a super fresh mint flavour.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream | Sam Squire

Step four

The final step of my daily routine is the super-famous Ultra Facial Cream - it now comes with Factor 30 which is massively important to wear on your face every day, and is a nice thick day cream moisturiser. I think most people that use Kiehl’s use the Ultra Facial Cream, it’s a 24-hour moisturiser that doesn't sit heavy on the skin at all, I would highly recommend it!

So far I am loving the Kiehl’s products, they work a treat on my skin and don't cost a tonne either. Big thanks to Robbie and everyone else that recommended I check out the Kiehl’s brand, if you haven't already I would highly suggest checking them out!

The Close Shave

Shaving and finding the right products to do so is something that a lot of guys struggle with. So many products you can get in a drug store can be harsh on your skin, especially if you have sensitive or troublesome skin. I recently got contacted by the awesome folks over at Bluebeards Revenge. First off, what a blummin amazing name for a company, secondly they offered to send me a couple of things to try out. They sent me the shave solution and a cooling moisturiser. I have been using them for almost a week now so here's my verdict. 

The Shaving Solution
Not only is the packing pretty blumming cool but the product is really good. Before I was using a Nivea For Men shave foam which I found really harsh on my skin and I couldn't leave it on too long because of the stinging from it. This shave solution is really lightweight, it's more like a cream so it in itself feels really moisturising before even putting on the moisturiser. I used a Wilkinson Sword razor which worked as a great combination, the blades never cut as well with the Nivea foam but with this solution I get a really clean shave. They actually claim that most people say they have absolutely no issues with razor burn or acne around the mouth - I don't suffer with either normally so I couldn't say if the product 100% does this or not but it is pretty believable. Really and truly this is a great product and does a great job. 
The Moisturiser
I am always really sceptical of moisturisers as it doesn't take much at all to make my skin feel really greasy so wasn't feeling overly great about testing the product. However, as we reviewers do, I reluctantly used it and was totally surprised. It feels like it actually works into the skin unlike some others I have tried, most moisturisers feel like they just sit on top of your skin, but within minutes this dries off and leaves your face feeling really smooth. The scent is really nice too, it's very masculine but not overly perfumed. I am genuinely going to keep using this as it has kept my skin feeling in great condition. 
Both of the products worked way beyond my expectations. I am really impressed and would personally recommend the brand to anyone that has relatively sensitive skin. They have a crazy range of products for you to check out - to have a browse of their site Click Here
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