On The Runway

I was on the look out for a cool location to shoot for my Hyundai IONIQ blog post, which is coming very soon, when I found an abandoned RAF base not too far from my house. The chipped runway remains, now surrounded by fields and was once home to the Lancaster Bomber in World War II.

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The Christmas Sweater

If there’s one thing I love about this time of year, it’s that it is acceptable to wear an ugly Christmas sweater every day of the week. I have probably too many to count and they range from the alpine knit to the holycoveredinhowmanysnowmen?! You can imaging how keen I was to work with BoohooMAN when they recently got in touch and asked if they could send me my very own Boohoo festive knit!

I got to pick from their pretty extensive collection and simply had to go for an all-time classic the ‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal’ knit.

BoohooMAN christmas sweater | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

If you don’t know why that line is so iconic then you either missed out on a chunk of childhood, or you’re in your childhood now, which is pretty depressing.

Every Christmas day we all don our best festive knits and compete for the crown, I must say I am feeling preeeeetty confident in my choice this year, the Home Alone classic has got to be a winner, right?

BoohooMAN christmas jumper | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I am really impressed with my BoohooMAN Christmas sweater, it’s pretty well made and isn't too heavy either, sometimes it can feel like you’re wearing a whole duvet when you’re in a thick knit. The prices are great too, ranging from around £8 to the higher end which is still only £10 more. They offer a huge range, from the classy alpine style, to comedic knits, too…it’s amazing the puns you can create with some wool and knitting needles!

Unfortunately the jumper I got is now out of stock, however for you Potterheads, they stock a quirky ‘Merry Christmas ya filthy muggle’ variant which I'm sure is just as popular, you can pick this up for just a tenner here, or browse the full collection of jumpers here.

What ugly knit will you be rocking this Holiday Season? Let me know in the comments below!

Offically Unofficial

It’s nice that summer make a week-long UK appearance as part of its world tour…I would like a bit more though!! In my latest YouTube video, the guys over at Vision Express challenged me to style up a pair of their brand new Unofficial sunglasses…I reckon I did pretty well! Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

Vision Express also want me to give a pair of these exact sunnies away to one of you lucky lot! To enter, scroll right down to the bottom of this post and you’ll find a quick box to enter you in to the giveaway!


#ExpressYourself with Vision Express!

I was super excited to be asked to partner with my old friends Vision Express on the launch of the new Exclusive Brands collections. The other week I headed down to their flagship Oxford Street store in London for the very exciting launch of the collection.

The collection launch was attended by loads of bloggers, models and fashion journos - the event on a whole was hosted by X Factor and celebrity stylist Gemma Sheppard. Exclusive Brands are all about making a statement, the collections are for people who don't just want a pair of glasses, they want a piece of style.

The best part about these designer-quality specs is the price, I personally wear the In Style collection on a daily basis and would compare the quality to the likes of Ray Ban and Ted Baker…not bad for just a fraction of the price!

My sister, Katie from www.thestylinguist.com and I attended the event together and got the chance to sit down and do a bit of filming with Gemma Sheppard, who like the styling-queen she is, managed to guide us around the store and help us pick the best styles for our faces…check out the video below, and don’t forget to sub me on YouTube! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the blog, I get to pick up my new specs in a couple of weeks, and will be sharing my thoughts right here…exciting!!

You can check out all the information you could possibly need about the fantastic Exclusive Brands by clicking here. Don’t forget you can also join the chat on social media using #ExpressYourself.

The Wedding

If you follow me on social, you’ll know I’ve had a cool and exciting project coming up with the chaps at Burton Menswear. Well, it’s here! I was recently contacted by them and tasked with creating a chilled look for a very specific smart occasion. The occasion I was given was a wedding abroad, after donning my suit and waiting what seemed like years for a spot of sun, I headed out on the shoot.

I think for an abroad wedding you want to be comfortable, chilled and effortless. The ‘less is more’ approach definitely works better when it comes to being abroad. The light coloured suit offers a fantastic base to build off of for the overall look.

Burton menswear suit | Sam Squire uk male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I love a good wedding and I think it’s so important to look your best, whether you’re the groom, the father of the bride or the best man - it’s all in the suit and how you style it up! Here’s exactly how you should be styling up a suit when you head to the South of France for your best mate’s wedding.

Burton Menswear Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

The Suit
You want a nice light suit, especially if the wedding is on the beach or in amongst the amazing sandstone buildings, the Slim Fit Grey Cotton Suit that I am wearing is perfect for this. The material is actually quite light which makes it a great choice for warmer climes - plus the slim fitting tailoring makes it a really nice, modern looking fit, especially if you’re of a slimmer build. This suit is actually perfect to keep in your wardrobe at all times, it’s great to dress up or down and offers total dapper versatility, both with and without a tie.

Burton Menswear suit wedding | Sam Squire Uk male fashion blogger

Soft and neutral tones are great for weddings abroad, blacks and dark blues can look a bit harsh plus you’ll be absolutely boiling when your suit absorbs the summer rays! The bottoms of the legs roll up really nicely, which is great if the wedding is on the beach and you fancy a paddle…it just looks super chilled and comfortable.

Style it up
Often it’s not necessarily what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Adding cool additional touches is the ultimate way to get the most from an outfit. As we’re talking a warm Mediterranean wedding I think it’s all about the shades. I’m rocking a pair of super cool Black Matte Clubmasters which literally cost twelve quid but look and feel like much higher quality. These are literally summer all wrapped up in a pair of sunnies, and they’re possibly one of the best ways you can make your wedding look go from hot to sizzling. The white skinny fit shirt, which you can grab for £22 is great for offsetting against the dark sunglasses, and for keeping you cool!

Burton Menswear Wedding Suit | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

The great thing about this suit, and of course attending weddings abroad is that you don’t have to wear a tie! I’ve shown you the look both with and without the tie, and both look smart and effortlessly cool. If you fancy wearing a tie, you should of course pick one to match your date’s dress. Burton has a huge range of ties available, the one I am wearing is the Slim Neutral Patterned Tie - actually the key word in this is neutral and is the one theme I would recommend carrying through the whole look, this £10 tie is great for creating a clean and really fresh look. I’ve teamed it with a gold tie clip, again to keep the really fresh tones. At just £10 these are a real steal, plus they come with some cufflinks which is great for a double cuffed shirt!

Burton Menswear Wedding Style | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I’d always recommend accessorising, a bit of man jewellery never went amiss I’m wearing the Smart Ridge Bangle, this is a super cool detailed bangle that’ll fit most wrists, it just helps to make the suit a little more casual, comfortable and smart looking. The other important thing is shoes! Now, not going to lie, if it’s a beach wedding I’d be totally happy going barefoot - however in this instance I chose to roll up the legs of the trousers and wear some super smart Burgundy Tassel Loafers, a bit of a steal at £18!

Now all that’s left to do is add a buttonhole, rather than putting mine in the usual buttonhole position, I opted to pop mine in my breast pocket, it’s a great way of replacing a pocket square and adds a cool dynamic to the look.

It’s the perfect look for a nice chilled wedding, the look is adaptable to help you stay comfy in warmer climates but is also crazy affordable, helping you offset the cost of your plane ticket!

Spring has sprung!

I’M OFFICIALLY 21!!! Today is my Birthday and I thought what better way to celebrate than to blog about my new favourite thing…my Topman camel coat!

Topman Camel Coat | Sam Squire UK men's fashion & lifestyle blog

So, camel coats are pretty big business right now, everyone’s wearing them and I thought I would invest in my own. I headed straight for Topman, I knew exactly which coat I wanted and I was prepared to fight to the death for it…and I nearly had to.

There was only one in my size left in my local Topman store so I did the really mature thing of basically racing another guy to get the coat…I took home the coat, and a medal for 1st place nifty bastard 👊🏼

Camel coats are great for so many different style, whether super smart or ultra casual it just works so well. My coat has a bit of length which is great because it keeps you warm but not too warm, as you’d usually wear it open.

Topman Camel Coat | Sam Squire UK Mens fashion & lifestyle blog

I decided to pair my coat with a red plaid shirt for a bit of colour, a white crew-neck tee - which I have to thank my man Oliver Cheshire for recommending when I had a chat with him last week, a pair of my signature black spray-on skinny jeans from Topman and some black zip suede boots…there’s a lot of black going on, I know!

It’s a great spring outfit and I am loving layering shirts, tees and coats right now - hopefully as the days get a bit warmer I can just wear the coat with a white crew tee. Topman actually have a huge range of camel coats to pick from, you can click here to see the full range or click here to check out my exact coat…it’s on offer for £50 right now so I would definitely recommend checking it out!!

Well, I’m off to go and wear party hats and eat copious amounts of cake…you’re only 21 once, right? 🎂🎉

Catching Up With: Oliver Cheshire

Oliver Cheshire is owning the menswear scene right now, there's not a single FROW he hasn't graced and is a hot favourite for mens lifestyle mags. You probably know him as the face of M&S but I wanted to delve deeper in to Oli's style, inspiration and top tips for you aspiring models. I caught up with Oliver to get an update on what he's up to right now.

Oliver Cheshire | Marks & Spencer Autograph | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger
Oliver Cheshire | Marks & Spencers Autograph | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

How would you best describe your overall look?
My style is a variety of lots of different things. I love the preppy look, but I still have a soft spot for leather jackets and rock 'n' roll Chelsea boots with black jeans. At the moment bomber jackets are everywhere and I love them, I wore one to the Brits recently, I think you can wear them with almost anything. I also grew up around a lot of sportswear-based fashion which is massively on trend and wearable, as well as very functional in today's fast paced society.

Oliver Cheshire Style | M&S Autograph | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion blogger

What do you think it takes to become a successful model?
You need to feel comfortable with yourself and the way you look in front of the camera, you also need to be able to listen and take direction well. Personality plays a big part too, and obviously you need to keep in shape, you don’t want to be too slim or too muscly as your body and face are your tools. I also think determination and resilience are also key, it can take a lot of knock backs and no’s before you finally get your break, and you can’t ever give up.

How long does it take you to get ready for a red carpet appearance, what’s the process?
It takes me about 30 minutes to get ready that's including the shower hair and moisturiser. The thing that takes the longest is picking my outfit and making sure it is tailored to perfection. The key to grooming in my eyes is less is more, find what hairstyle suits you and find creams that suit your skin and stick to them.

Have you ever had a style disaster? Tell me about it…
Sometimes I look back at shirts I've worn in the past and think Oh No what was I thinking when they're too loud. Also I've had a few style disasters when I've tried to pull off trends and they haven't really worked for me or they were just awful in the first place but I thought they were cool at the time.

Who is your ultimate style icon?
David Beckham has always been a style icon of mine. I was a 90s kid and when I was younger he was everywhere. He took risks with his fashion and that is something I loved, he wasn’t scared to try new things and he managed to set trends at the same time. Now he is older he knows what suits him and he sticks to it.

What would you say is a must-have style essential that every man should own?
I think everyman should own a good quality white crew neck t-shirt because it will go with everything you own. It has to be high quality cotton though, so it feels good against your skin and doesn’t get ruined in the washing machine.

What is the one trend you’d never rock?
Being on photo shoots, I've pretty much been dressed in most trends, but there are a few I personally wouldn't dress myself in for days out, such as, socks and sandals or flared trousers. But hey, never say never.

Oliver Cheshire | M&S Autograph | Sam Squire Uk male fashion blogger

What does casual style look like in the world of Cheshire?
I love casualwear, there has been such a lean towards the smart casual trend recently with sports luxe and athleisure trends. I love to mix casual pieces with something more formal – i.e. mixing a tracksuit with a smart pea coat or a tux with a pair of trainers. Autograph menswear is based around smart casual dressing, with a big sports luxe influence. In the summer collection short suits are introduced to create a new look with a focus on style, texture and detail.

What’s your one ultimate style tip for men the world over to help them look photoshoot ready?
The fit of the clothes is key on any photoshoot, they are often pinned back by a stylist. It's also a good idea to get a good night’s sleep before your shoot so you don't have puffy eyes on set.

What’s your all-time favourite piece from Marks & Spencer’s Autograph collections?
My all-time favourite piece is the Autograph black wool and leather bomber jacket. It is the perfect transitional, layering piece; on colder days I wear it with a roll neck jumper and once it warms up I will style it over a casual crew neck t-shirt.

The new M&S Autograph summer 2016 collection is available online and in stores now. I personally want everything...you can shop the collection by clicking here!

Steal his style…Oliver Cheshire round 2

So, these posts are back by popular demand, I am often getting messages asking if I can show you how to steal a dapper dude’s style so here we go! One of the top posts from the last run of these style stealing blogs was of course featuring the king of style, Oliver Cheshire, so I thought what better way to kick off round 2 of Steal his style than with the man himself.

Oliver Cheshire | Sam Squire Uk male fashion blogger

Oliver is known for being the face of Autograph over at M&S…as well as owning the world’s most famous cheekbones. Today I’m going to show you how you can steal his look from the InStyle EE BAFTA party…and how to do it for under £75!

So, Oliver’s look is a really chilled smart-casual look and whilst relatively simple, he looks really slick. For the jacket I would recommend this Pull&Bear faux leather jacket available for less than £40 from ASOS, genuine leather can be a bit pricey so this is great for achieving the look on a budget.

Oliver Cheshire Style | Zara Menswear | Sam Squire Uk male blogger

White trousers are becoming increasingly popular and a fashion staple on the red carpet. They’re great to use with a pop of colour like Oliver has with the top he’s wearing. For the trousers I’d highly recommend checking our Zara, they have a huge range of white trousers - I reckon these casual white chinos are a great addition to the outfit, plus at £29.99 they’re a steal, too!

Oliver Cheshire style | Boohoo menswear | Sam Squire uk male blogger

If ever I'm looking for some quality clothing that’s a total bargain, I always head straight to boohoo. That’s exactly what I’ve done to find a red tee for this look…and they didn't disappoint! Whether you want a crew neck, v neck, super-deep v neck to show off those gains…serious they have a whole bunch! I opted for the slim fit crew neck tee - it costs 5 quid which is ridiculously cheap and is just the right shade of red for the look, you don't want anything too bright!

So, team this with a pair of black brogues or boots and you’ve got yourself a super dapper red carpet ready look just like Oliver himself…all for less than £80, you’re very welcome lads!

Who do you want to steal the style of next time? Drop a comment below and let me know!

The BRITs Look

It’s my favourite awards night of them all tonight, the BRITs! Whilst I was invited to go along (and go to a bloody awesome afterparty) I unfortunately had to decline…broken hearted! However I’ve done the next best thing and teamed up with my friends over at M&S to bring you some dapper award style!

When you’re on the red carpet and headed to awards, you want to look your best, dress dapper and of course, be noticed! With this look you’ll stand out and have the respect and attention of style aficionados the world over!

BRIT Awards | Marks & Spencer mens style | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

The Limited Edition navy tuxedo is a super modern tux in a dapper super slim fit with a jacquard pattern - it’s amazing quality and will feel comfortable all night long, no matter what parties you end up at! You can pick this up over here, it’s £55 for the jacket and £44 for the trousers, a pretty good price I reckon!

Brit awards 2016 | M&S mens style | Sam squire uk male blogger

With this tux you can pair it simply with a white shirt, I’d personally recommend this Pure Cotton Slim Fit Shirt from the M&S Collection - the Collection items are such good quality and the slim fit cut will go great with your suit if you leave it unbuttoned for a really comfortable look! This is £45 and available here!

brit awards 2016 | m&s collection menswear | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

Every dapper man around knows a bow tie is the way to go…and not just any bow tie…a tie-it-yourself bow tie! This M&S pure silk bow tie will help you look the part and it’s only £12.50…now you just need to learn how to tie it!

Brit awards 2016 | M&S COllection menswear | Sam squire uk male fashion blogger

If you’re going for the ultimate dapper look, these M&S Collection Toe Cap shoes are the perfect addition to your smooth evening outfit - and at £65 it’s a pretty good deal, too! Or, you could pull an Ed Sheeran and rock some sneakers for the casual look!

Look Your Best

The kind folks over at Burton reached out to me and asked me to pick something from their website recently. I noticed that the ever-dapper Calum Best has recently collaborated with Burton to release a range for late summer through Autumn, what better person to collab with than Calum, he is renowned for his awesome style and has a strong army of followers that always want to know what he's wearing, well…now you can wear his style!

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